Puzder: GOP revitalizing economy under Trump

America First Policies adviser discusses the tax overhaul.


  1. Hey! DONALD FUCKHEADS! Your "Dear Leader" said climate change is good. Google it, yet, you will say that Google is fake. And, education is fake. And, the Constitution is fake., And, that journalism is fake, and heroism is fake, and that Prisoners of War are fake, and America being great is fake. Mueller is not fake.

  2. An economic boom? Great…. Just what we need! We live in a boom/bust economy. When you have a boom, a bust soon follows. Jesus Christ you idiots are so stupid. The economy will tank again in a few years if the economy accelerates too quickly. Good job Trumptards

  3. What a Putz…
    An overgrown boner who loves licking Russian Putins ass by being Trumps message boy…
    Sorry…go back selling door to door magazine subscriptions…your not convincing Mr.Putz…

  4. Trump is unique in that whether his policies fail or succeed his status as the most disastrous mistake ever made by a US electorate will stand unshaken. If he fails the economy tanks. If he succeeds it is a message to crazies everywhere: Hey, Lie, Cheat and Steal!!! It works!!!

  5. bonuses are nice, and all, but they don't represent any real stimulus to employees. Fifty percent of the bonus disappears to tax before the check is cut.

  6. Trump 2020! MAGA! Btw I can't stand trolls and idiots bitching about the tax cuts because anyone with a brain knows this is good business!

  7. President Barack Obama grew the economy, lowered unemployment and established Universal Health Care. All, without dismantling protections for the poor, the sick, the aging, the employee, the consumer, the student and the environment; and to add insult to injury all this loss is not free folks! Republicans will soon add $1.5 Trillion to our national debt to help pay for it.

  8. Tax breaks for the rich does very very little. Debt = weak america. What a stupid move. Bloomberg, Warren Buffet, smarter people then these sleazes say THIS IS A STUPID MOVE.

  9. I still remember the establishment telling us how free trade was going to create jobs. This is just another fuccover.

  10. fuccer rapes the nation and rapes the social benefits. AT&T still laying off – goof ball – that bullshit never worked.

  11. The Republican big business Chamber of Commerce machine is in Full Throttle unfortunately when reality hits and people realize that thousand dollars is crap compared to what they should have gotten Lookout GOP you think a 70 year old socialist and real estate reality television Popstar was bad wait until 2024 election I voted Trump because never Hillary and Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio went establishment panderer after Trump took down High energy!Jeb! (Lulz). If public opinion on tax reform does not rise by 2019 it's over for the GOP

  12. More lies to cover up the fraud that is "trickle down." Hasn't worked under the previous three GOP administrations. Won't work under this one. Faux News = Fake News.

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