Protest over killing of teenager turns to looting

Confrontations between police and protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, raged into the night. CNN’s George Howell reports.


  1. they should have rioted when zimmerman got off . that was the time to do it
    here in the uk he would have went to jail and not be making money off a
    boyz death. good on them for looting time to get back at amerikkka’s
    injustice. white guy from uk saying this 

  2. Don’t get me wrong but when I was growing up I used to think Americans are
    the most civilized people. Oh boy I was wrong protest is another thing
    which I do understand but all these looting makes you look like a bunch of
    monkeys and uncivilized. Man what you gonna do with that toilet paper which
    you just looted? People like you let down the whole community. 

  3. I’m so fucking disgusted, looting? Come on, this is a time to come together
    against the cops ! Not only for blacks but for everyone, this is a police
    state and we need to fight back,

  4. LIBERALS:”blacks are a race just like you”
    HUMANS:”Really? Why do they behave like animals…how about the knock down
    game? Non human behavior. 

  5. How does a peaceful protest turn into a looting? That’s pathetic. To the
    people who stuck to their main objective, you’re doing great. To the people
    who used this as a reason to steal from people, you’re absolutely pathetic.

  6. mow down every last one of them. leave none alive. they dont give a fuck
    about the teen who died, they are just looking for an excuse to steal shit
    and riot…fucking degenerates.

  7. So this was a protest for some kid that got killed right ahh fuck it this
    is why you niggaz is getting killed then start flashing the race card you
    act like an animal you get dealt with i feel nothing for them.break the
    cycle you idiots on second thought keep it up .Always saying the “White
    man” is killing you put down the watermelon,purple drink,fried
    chicken,40s,blunts and crack and do something good for once p.s fuck all of

  8. If they want justice, why are they robbing stores and destroying property?
    Why not just hold police accountable attack them instead of sacking the
    community like barbarians.

  9. The point is, society at large should expect to pay a big price for letting
    a group of people with no hope to live for. Rodney King’s L.A. riot gave
    people a clear idea that letting the police run amok isn’t a good idea.
    There’s hell to pay. 

  10. You know martial law will start in black neighborhoods first.. Then it will
    quickly spread to the rest of the areas.

  11. Segregation should have never been taken out of play, it is the best thing
    for a country with so many different races who hate each other. I know for
    a fact though that most african americans who fought hard for civil rights
    in the 60’s have very poor comments to make about the “new” blacks that are
    giving the race a terrible name & view. The blacks of today are not
    civilized & orderly like they were 40-50 years ago & they use these
    misfortunes of one as an excuse to steal & break the law. . I think
    Martin Luther King, Jr. would shake his head in disgust at what the black
    community in the U.S. has done to tarnish all his hard work as well as the
    work of his associates, he’d be very very disappointed at the way they
    behave & act. And why should the blacks who are trying to live a decent
    life & honor what Dr. King fought for have to tolerate so many of their
    fellow race acting & behaving so ignorantly & embarrassing. 

  12. Yes cause trouble!!! FTP!!! This is the generation that will revolt. White
    people and the Military haven’t seen a war like that before… This is
    light weight rioting. I Wish black people knew the power of boycotting…
    The United States of America needs black people to keep the country
    running. Black people have the upper hand only if they could see the power
    in it. Happy Super Moon Day!!! The Awakening has begun. CNN is full of it
    no different than FOX

  13. I love itvwhen whites refer to the behavior of people of color as “monkeys”
    so when you peckerwoods say “oh my friends are black” remember this shit.
    oh all the animals in the kingdom you refer to these folks as monkeys smh

  14. If I remember correctly, the Officer and the young man were fighting and
    the young man had pushed the officer and began beating him. (This is from
    what I have heard) So doesn’t that mean when the cop shot him that it was
    in self defense?
    Plus why is everyone yelling racism? I understand their are racist in this
    world (Hell read some of these comments) but not every tragedy where a
    young African American dies is caused by racism. This is like the Trayvon
    Martin case, where everyone jumped on the bandwagon yelling racism. And
    wait does rioting do? People have made their point through peaceful ways
    but the riots are excuses for anarchist and thugs to come out, cause
    trouble then run back into the holes then came from acting like nothing
    happened. This is the issue with these kinda of things, people jump to
    early and it leads to even more damage.

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