Proof That You’ll Lose Friends When You Fall In Love

“A new study carried out by Oxford University in the UK has shown that when you find a new love, it comes at the cost of losing two close friends. As we all know, when you meet someone new,…


  1. Listen to these two arrogant assholes, hey I’ve got news for you Ana &
    Cenk, *The world doesn’t revolve around you*. Your friends have also got
    their own lives, their relationship, their circle of friends too. I don’t
    think they’re that worried.

  2. I always hated having friends, back when I was in jr high and high school
    I had lots of friends and I hated it they would always ask me for money and
    I would always have to act like a fake and pretend to be something i’m not
    to be accepted I tried to pull off the whole gangsta/gangbanger/thug even
    though it wasn’t me nowadays I have no friends and I feel free and happy
    and can finally be myself

  3. Now imagine you are the only single person among friends of couples.
    Eventually you just feel like a third wheel. Then you get to make new

  4. I actually said to my best friend straight up “You totally ignore me for
    months when you start dating guys. I ask if you want to do something and
    every time it was the same reason “I want to spend time with (insert guys
    name here)”.
    And you only want to know me again when your relationship with them goes
    sour. You need a reality check. You need time away from your boyfriend so
    you aren’t smothering each other. And this time I’m going to tell you
    straight up if you are in to deep”

    And a lot of the times that is exact what happens with her. She spends so
    much time with him that before she knows it the things she loved about the
    guy start to hate about him. She just burns herself out so quickly on
    relationships that there is nowhere to go after 6 months, all the fuel is
    spent. They either break up or she moves in with the guy and after about 3
    months together she breaks up with them… And usually I don’t find out
    about break up until all of a sudden she wants to spend tons of time with

    And I wasn’t texting her or calling her everyday, I’d call maybe at the end
    of each month (because we are both busy people). I’m not trying to
    monopolize her time or cock block her. But she is my friend and I’d like
    to spend time with her to see how she’s doing.

  5. its not even about how much they time they spend with you. i had a friends
    who personality would completely change when he got someone… i knew that
    friend was dead to me till the relationship was over. 

  6. but wait don’t friends with kids like always get together to play together
    so the kids will entertain each other? the only ppl having a million kids
    are mostly hispanic ppl

  7. My friends and I drifted apart as well. My best friend in middle/high
    school/college didn’t even invite me to his wedding… >.>

  8. So if I get a girlfriend, I will have an excuse to ditch a couple of my
    loser friends. Just another reason to not be single anymore.

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  10. I find this hard to apply to myself, I only have like 5 friends now XD and
    we all live together and grew up together since we were kids, and so were
    all like brothers, so imagining myself just simply ditching them for some
    new person? Thats a hard pill to swallow, personally whenever iv ever dated
    a person they just simply joined my circle of friends, were all geeky nerdy
    guys who play D&D together and I only date geeky nerdy people who play D&D
    and so they just naturally come into the fold.

  11. I bring the girl I go out with every with my buddies! Either she hangs out
    with all of us, or we don’t go out. I do the same when we hang out with her
    friends, or at least try to.

    Of course, we do make time to hang out alone, but that’s usually in bed!

  12. This probably applies to men more than women. Most married men say that
    their wife is their best friend, the majority of women don’t say the same
    about their husbands.

  13. Facebook isn’t for friendships. It’s a way to keep people you don’t really
    want to deal with in person at distance… including family.

  14. I don’t like the way friends treat each other. Not that it’s bad, it’s
    just not behavior I enjoy. That being said, I HATE how strangers I don’t
    know treat me. 

  15. I tend to separate my love life with my friends. It’s too messy, most of my
    friends think I’m napping when I’m actually dating.

  16. Published on Jul 6, 2014
    “A new study carried out by Oxford University in the UK has shown that when
    you find a new love, it comes at the cost of losing two close friends. As
    we all know, when you meet someone new, you have less time on your hands so
    it makes sense you will have less time for your friends. The study shows
    you actually lose two of these close friends. The researchers asked a
    number of people about their core friendship circle and how it changed when
    romance was entered into the equation. The findings showed the the core
    which is usually five people, dropped to three people when the new lover
    came on the scene.”

    Read more here:

  17. I had 9 friends and fell in love 5 times.

    Although I have no friends left, I was thinking, “Well, at least I’m above
    the average of 2 per!”

    A total stranger walked up to me today and said, “We’re done.”

  18. it’s actually very true, lost 80% friends after being in my first serious
    relationship that lasted 4 years :/ 

  19. I think it’s just a matter of time management.

    I doesn’t matter what the factor is. It could be schooling after
    highschool, work, the types of hobbies you enjoy with friends,
    relationships, social obligations, etc.

    This doesn’t really need to be compiled in an actual study. This is just
    common sense for most of us. We can only devote our energy and time to so
    many things. It’s almost impossible to juggle all of them to our fullest.
    It’s simply not possible.

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