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  1. Bruh I’m black unless I’m going to live in Egypt you couldn’t pay me enough
    to go back in time in recent human history 

  2. I remember I was at the theater to see a movie and the preview for Project
    Almanac came on and I just remember sitting there thinking… oh my god
    this is going to be the stupidest movie ever made lol but these guys seem
    pretty cool. So I might just go see it now. 

  3. You could hear the hesitation in Steve’s voice, when they were talking
    about Michael Bay. You could just tell that he was itching to bash on Bay,
    but he didn’t. I’m proud of you, buddy! 

  4. I wonder if it’s messed up to stay I’d have no qualms against killing
    myself to save the timeline of the past and future. And it’s not really
    murder right? Also I love how comfortable Steve can be with strangers it
    makes for a really interview/tabletalk to be able to pose questions and be
    himself as well for the audience. 

  5. I hadn’t heard, or cared, for Project Almanac, but the cast seems pretty
    fucking cool, and I’m always up for a time travel movie.
    Speaking of, Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure, is hands down my favorite
    time travel movie of all time. Safety Not Guaranteed, Groundhog Day, and 12
    Monkeys, are right behind it. 

  6. Why the fuck do I feel so awkward after watching this? I’m high, but
    everyone they’re interviewing looks high af to me. They all seem afraid of
    the camera and shy. That’s what smoking weed and going in public does.

  7. If I won the lottery I would put it in the bank let the interest go up and
    go serve my country with the Australian Army, hopefully I can get into
    Commandos and do that for several years and after I retire I would have so
    much money I could splurge on Australian Muscle cars, like Ford Falcons,
    Holden Monaro’s/Toranas, Chrysler Valiants..
    I’d get my share of Mustangs, Chargers, Challengers and Chevy’s and I’d get
    a nice massive 30 Acre property with a 6 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2 living room
    double story house and build a big garage to store my massive collection of
    sexy muscle cars and just have a massive burnout pad built in my backyard
    and just get a series of rifles and shotguns

  8. I want to see Project Almanac, but I think I’ll wait until it’s on cable
    because movie tickets are expensive.

  9. Trisha… there was about 60 million years between the extinction of the
    last dinosaurs and the rising of the first human… I don’t think that
    caveperson would know what happened to the dinos XD

  10. If I could time travel ONCE what year would I go back to??? COME ON GUYS.
    Thats BASIC. You obviously go back to the beginning of Apple, invest a shit
    ton of stock, and then become filthy rich. Duh.

  11. Havent finished watching yet, but should have mixed them up, as in, have
    jonny, then steve then sofia then trish, that way the talking would flow a
    lot better, and it wouldnt feel like they’re 2 different ‘teams’

  12. Steve was restraining himself soo hard. When that dude said he liked the
    newer star trek and Lol that one girl who was like “Michael Bay knows how
    to make good movies” 

  13. Question 1:@0:41 Best time travel movie or TV show?
    Question 2:@7:08 If you could time travel only once, what year would you go
    Question 3:@13:09 What would you do to alter history in your favor?

  14. I’ve been seeing commercials for Project Almanac for a few weeks and I
    seriously had no clue what it was about. I had to look it up. I went “oh,
    cool” and I didn’t plan on seeing it. But these guys seem cool, so I kinda
    want to see it now. 

  15. I like Michael Bay why?? He took my childhood cartoon and made it into a
    badass reality; if you wanted the next award winning film go watch another
    director. Michael Bay is great for what he is. 

  16. Is it just me or did Steve and Sofia have a “connection”? She looked like
    she was interested in him for sure.

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