Probably the best 2nd Amendment speech ever

Amy veteran and cop tells it strait. A flawless speech !


  1. It turns out the only use for the 2nd Amendment is to protect people against people who make use of the 2nd Amendment. How f*cked up is that?

  2. America…get rid of your guns. Please? I'm sick of reading about how much you fear terrorism, yet, in the time since 9/11, domestic and foreign terrorists have killed 3000+ people, but 400,000 Americans have died by their own hands.

    If that figure alone doesn't say enough…then the entire world needs to stop giving you sympathy, as you are then beyond help.

  3. COPS should worry about the laws the infringe on citizens every day.
    !Served and Protect or Harassed and Collect….!
    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

  4. Until and if the 2nd amendment is repealed BY THE STATES AND IT'S CITIZENS anyone who opposes it in any way other than "opinion" is guilty of treason. Face it, you will never (short of repeal)  be able to confiscate firearms legally, you will have to attempt to take them illegally , when you do there will be a revolution and  because of the 2nd amendment, patriots will win…………..they are armed and you are not. Gay marriage, abortion (baby killing) and firearms are legal…………… says the constitution…………………………..get over it.

  5. Someone, please, tell me why it is such a good idea to have a population with presumed rights to gun ownership: do none of you count the number of shooting victims compared to countries with gun control?

    Is it ACTUALLY a majority of the population who are in favour of gun ownership? If it isn't a majority, if the sexual inadequates who need these testosterone-substitutes are just bullying their way to retaining their armaments, why do the rest of you tolerate it? These fuckers are shooting your children.

  6. Braxo! Great Patriot, maybe some of you should take his words to heart, because if anyone ever comes for any guns of mine, they will take the ammo first!

  7. His argument is flawed

    He claims his right is more important than the dead… and then says about how he had to clean his dead friends blood and bodies in Iraq. (im not disrespecting war dead here) but he then uses dead to support his own argument! Also i actually find his speech a bit disrespectful if anything. The manner in which he puts it across, crosses the line for whats acceptable. He comes across as more aggressive than constructive. And saying how hell say to dead childrens parents , to their faces… i just dont think that was necessary and again would just be disrespectful. But of course hes trying to look like Mr Tough Guy

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  9. Can you still own a firearm if you don't drive a truck, you don't listen to Country, you don't get drunk every week, and you still have all your teeth?

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