President Obama Wants to Control Your Life!

Obama wants the government to have access to your cell phones for “security reasons”. Is this the first step to total control of your life?


  1. This sack of shit doesn't give a damn about child pornographers or his brothers and sisters of "radical Islam", the terrorists.

  2. Zo you made my stomach ache! My issue will always revolve around scripture and common sense. Every administration liberal or haha conservative have been anti Christ, and even your churches are bent toward hate more than love. If Christians would do GODS WILL the world and everyone's rhetoric would have no effect. For my bible gives us 1John 4:4.

  3. What Obama said is really scary and confirms that the federal government is no longer as intended about protecting your God given rights of life and liberty but rather about making sure you provide them with their self-proclaimed rights to your property and your identity.

    It's really hard not to like this Zo guy by the way. A great example of a good message being delivered by a good messenger.

  4. This is continuing to push away freedom down a slippery slope. All we can do is hope to slow it. Obama consistently deliberately mis-interprets the issues to create steps you can not slide back up. Thank God it's election time for what it is.

  5. You worship many false gods Zo. It's too bad your vanity, ego, pride and counterfeit religion will keep you from ever knowing God. But keep rockin' bro:)

  6. Zo, thank you for sharing your perspective. I learn something every time I listen to you. God bless you and yours and 20# Sledge🎶😎💖

  7. Zo, you just put the song Sledgehammer into my head… 🎶I'll be your sledgehammer 🎶..

  8. Zo, you present a clear, concise argument sir. An argument which provides virtually no room for rebuttal. You, and I assume your band, certainly know how to think! I've never actually listened to your music; I am going to have to change that, soon. God bless you all.

  9. The government wants to control your life, not just Obama. And they DO control your life and everyone else's by programming you – in school and by their state controlled TV and movies. What's the official story of Flight 93 in Pennsylvania? That the plane was going so fast it was totally absorbed into the earth. That's why there are no pics of engines, tires, seats, bodies etc, like every other in history. If you lost your child on that flight would you accept that? Do you really believe that? Is Trump telling you the truth? Is Bill Whittle? It all starts back in kindergarten when they show you that spinning, spinning, spinning globe that fires around the sun at 66,600 mph. You were hypnotized then. You've never waken up. The earth is NOT spinning. Look outside. The earth is NOT a ball. Water doesn't curve – it is ALWAYS horizontal. People in Australia are not upside down. The earth is a flat plain with the north pole as the center and an ice ring around the outer circumference that contains the ocean. TRY to debunk what I'm saying. I dare you. Awaken.

  10. So we're supposed to take your word for it that this story is 100% accurate? It sounds like a story you made up for your purpose (especially the spirit world stuff that sounds like something from the early 1900s).

    Also, why even look to the ten commandments as a guide for morality? What's wrong with the perfectly normal feeling of jealousy and having normal reactions to parents who constantly fail to respect oneself like my dad does? And frankly why is there no laws against child abuse or rape in those stupid commandments either?

  11. Obama wants to rape your wives and daughters too!!!!!!

    Cruz supports the NSA and Patriot act. He also wanted to give Obama the power to accuse anyone of being a terrorist and strip them of their citizenship without due process.

  12. When they come for them they'll eventually come for you. That's a 100% rule…………….100%! Taking up and fighting for the freedom of others is the same as fighting for yourself. Why don't we know this by now?

  13. LOLLOLLOL!!! I find it laughable that obama pretends to care for the safety of Americans. He has a huge disconnect in the brain and the heart. Hillary is equally as dangerous for us as as he is…and honestly, i am struggling with the idea of Trump for president, he is lumped in with them, but in a different way, because he plays the system for his own gain, and he is liberal, but as far as being a total sociopath like obama and hillary ? I don't think he is. BUT i don't think he will be what we need to beat hillary, besides i''m afraid he will give her a pass and not prosecute the witch. Excellent Zo !! Thank you!!

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