President Obama Speaks at Worcester Technical High School

President Obama delivers remarks at the Worcester Technical High School commencement ceremony in Worcester, Massachusetts, June 11, 2014.


  1. Our President is such an inspirational speaker and person. Thank you, Sir
    for being a blessing for the youth of our nation.

  2. Our current president is so lacking in inspiration, that people just sit
    around collecting food stamps. Thanks for increasing food stamps to feed
    the poor in the economy you have created. They won’t see jobs until this
    man is out of office. Thanks for strapping 17.5 Trillion unsustainable
    dollars onto the backs of the youth of America. 

  3. What Obama was saying is he and your teachers put a lot of effort to make
    you stupid. It’s now up to you to make sure you stay that way.

  4. While Chris Christie and the governor of Kansas state downgrades thanks to
    their bankrupting tax cuts Fed Runs $114 Billion SURPLUS In April! Thanks
    The U.S. Treasury Department put a $114,000,000,000 dollar surplus on the
    April also saw unemploymentplummet to 6.3 percent the stock market hit a
    record high, consumer spending skyrocketed, the US Uninsured rate imploded,
    and finally insurers confirmed Americans are paying their Obamacare
    The GOP has already attempted to prevent future surpluses by blasting
    through crushing $310 billion tax cuts to big business and adding that
    directly to the deficit. But not to worry, they did simultaneously vote
    down $12 million for disadvantaged children! ‘Murika!

  5. I think that if the American people want to help this country election day
    is the time to do it. go to the polls and elect new people and move all
    those ass holes out of there. That would be the best thing that ever happen
    to this country. stop bitching and do something about it. They had their
    days, election day is your day.

  6. Ron Paul has dictator like thinking just by the fact of him agreeing with
    the Tea Party who shut down the government because he couldn’t get what he
    wanted. Proof, –“Shutting the
    government to get what you want won’t hurt a bit.”

    Part 2 in a Series: Republican Obstructionism – Deny President Obama a 2nd.
    Term at all costs.
    Secret Meeting to Take Down Obama exposed
    Part 7 in a Series: Republican Conspirators, The Dirty Dozen
    Ron Paul agrees with this dictator like thinking.
    If Obama was a true dictator, he would have cut the traitors Tea Party’s
    heads off or at least have them in jail and beaten. You don’t know what
    tyranny is. 

  7. Under Obamacare, “individuals will be empowered to make choices about their
    own lives and livelihoods, like retiring on time rather than working into
    their elderly years or choosing to spend more time with their families.”
    Good Job, Mr. President. 

  8. “I had a family who loved me & I had teachers who cared about me…I was
    able to get a good education.”

    —President Obama at Worcester Technical High School Commencement Ceremony

    #CollegeOpportunity #Obama

  9. The US of A is very lucky to have this guy as their leader. For a highly
    misguided people, yes, they are very lucky.

    His strengths (common sense, compassion, diplomacy,tolerance and modesty)
    are the only thing that stopping Americans to go back completely to being
    barbarians again.

  10. Republicans cheated in the 2010 elections through gerrymandering that’s how
    they won the House, they cheated. Karl Rove admitted he played a large role
    in helping to gerrymander the districts. Conservative websites also reveal
    that they admitted if they had not have gerrymandered the districts they
    would have lost everything, because the democrats got 1.5 million more
    votes than republicans. We don’t really have a chance to stop the
    gerrymandering until 2020, but we should still try to win the midterm
    elections despite the GOP cheating even though we don’t stand a chance.
    ARE FOR THE WORKING POOR. Everyone, spread the word. 

  11. Я не пойму что он сделал чтобы в школах америке не стреляли и не убивали
    из оружия.

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