President Obama at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

President Obama at the 2015 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in Washington, D.C. April 25, 2015.


  1. “The only people impersonating journalists on CNN, are journalists on CNN.”
    Might as well call them Fox News cause that’s what they’ll effectively be
    to Obama from now on…
    …Still worth the joke though. :D

  2. Best president of my lifetime. Hard to imagine there being one to top him
    as long as I live, although it would be nice!

  3. He actually brought Luther from Key and Peele?? Haha that was
    unbelievable!He also spoke very beautifully at the end of his speech.

  4. You may agree with this man or you may not, but even being the most
    powerful man of the world, he is definitely the coolest. If you don’t agree
    with me then, well … BUCKET .. Lol

  5. Describing this as BRILLIANT is an understatement. Obama never ceases to
    prove his keen intelligent and commanding presence.

  6. Whether you love or hate President Obama, one thing is for certain…he’s
    great at doing this sort of thing.

  7. +The White House Loved it, Have fun for two years. Mr President – It’s
    well deserved after “taking it like a man” for six years of GOP pushing you
    back into the ditch while Democrats calculated the risk of helping the
    black man,. I’ll remember you as the smartest man ever to run any country
    and one of a handful of adults in Washington. If BIBI would pipe down,
    I’ll wager you’d fix that too.

    As a Canadian, I feel safer with you at the helm. Thank you.

  8. This guy….

    Knows he’s hated by so many who don’t even understand his job in the
    slightest; yet he can make light of it all. At the very least, I admire

  9. It still freaks me out that the Republican Party’s cable network still has
    their fake “news” reporters attending.

  10. OMG, the BURNS! He’s doing what I said he’d do at the end: “buck it”. LOL!
    I’d vote for more people if they talked frank and funny like this, instead
    of droning on and on and on and on in a loop…

  11. This is beautiful. We need another president this awesome. Does his job and
    has time to make his (relevant) people laugh. 

  12. This was simply amazing… not always the biggest Obama fan, but this is a
    time I am definitely proud to call this man my President.

  13. Obama is the coolest president ever. He knows his place, and aware of his
    critics. He is doing what he thinks is best. Not pretentious.

  14. President Obama White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

    “Michele Bachmann predicted I would bring about the Biblical end of days.
    Now that’s big. … Lincoln, Washington — they didn’t do that.”

    He nailed it.

  15. People think this funny and cute.
    It’s time to show them his lovely Drones throwing bombs on Pakistani
    villages and killing innocent people.

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