Police Say 2 Dead, 1 Injured in FL Mall Shooting

Police say a Florida man wounded his wife in a shooting at a mall food court that left two dead. (Jan. 17) Subscribe for more Breaking News: http://smarturl.it/AssociatedPress Get updates…


  1. If you’re smart you’ll get yourselves a CCW and carry a gun with you at all
    times. Today just as this news proves, Cops only come AFTER all the damage
    has been done, duh- The cops 99.999% of the time come to take a “Report”.
    The supreme court has ruled that cops today have no commitment to “Protect”
    the citizens, their main focus is “Revenue Generation”. In other words, if
    your in trouble don’t count on a cop for protection. Be smart and protect
    yourselves, because if your best defense is a phone, you’ll be on the list
    of the Dead… As some will say “crazy gun nuts” I’ll say, Only a fool
    doesn’t protect themselves and family…

  2. We need to outlaw food courts…..Every time I hear of a shooting at a
    Mall, there is always food involved. Out government needs to step up and
    listen to the people…make all Malls “Food-free Zones”.

    Thank you, Thank you very much.
    Don’t forget to tip you waitresses.

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