Police Dispatcher Refuses to Help Mother with Son Locked in Car ft. Gina Darling

1 – Fucked Up Dispatcher News – https://gma.yahoo.com/911-dispatcher-disciplined-not-helping-baby-locked-hot-184405985–abc-news-topstories.html 2 – McDonalds Murder News – .


  1. Im not american..so i dont know..what is Tripple A? Some kind of Car club
    you join and they come if you got problems with your car?

  2. wtf that’s bullshit tell your fucking brat to open the car or call aaa or
    some thing what are the cops going to do 

  3. “Religion makes people do crazy shit”

    No, people who are crazy use religion as an excuse for their actions. Dont
    make it easier for people to abandon responsibility for their actions
    because im pretty sure religion wasnt forcing their hands on the mop handle

  4. They send an entire fire truck to rescue a cat from a tree but don’t send
    anything when there is a baby


  5. They should do a video about Avalynn. !The little girl who got bullied by
    other students and the school didn’t acknowledge her getting bullied.

  6. I was almost gonna applaud China for not tolerating religion, but that’s
    not the answer either. Because then you get weird crazy ass underground
    cults like this! Ugh…. The invention of religion brought so much death,
    hate and seperation in the world. It’s sad.

  7. florida gets more and more fucked up , it is not just 95 degrees outside
    but it is humid as fuck that baby was in distress and I live in florida so
    yeah thanks for making the state look great

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