Police brutality: Richard Simone beaten by cops after high-speed interstate car chase – TomoNews

HUDSON, NEW HAMPSHIRE — 50-year-old Richard Simone had multiple warrants out for his arrest when police in Massachusetts attempted to pull him over. He wasn’t ready to give himself up, so he took off in his pickup truck in what quickly became a high-speed chase across several towns and two states.

Wanted on charges of larceny and battery with a deadly weapon in two towns in Massachusetts, on May 11, Simone began rocketing through the streets of Holden, Massachusetts reaching speeds of roughly 90 mph. He continued on through Concord, Littleton, Chelmsford, Billerica, and past the New Hampshire state border to Nashua.

At one point in the chase, Simone’s vehicle reportedly hit a police cruiser. Officers made an attempt to stop him by using a pit maneuver, striking the rear of his pickup truck which led him into a telephone pole. His vehicle damaged and running on at least one flat tire, Simone refused to give in until he found himself in a dead end with no place to go.

When the chase ended, Richard Simone finally stepped out of his vehicle and put his hands in the air. Following police orders to get down on the ground, officers from the New Hampshire State Police, Massachusetts State Police, and Nashua Police closed in on him. As the news helicopter video shows, Simone is leveled with blows to the head by the cops for 15 seconds.

The officers then cuffed Simone, and took him to a nearby hospital after suffering minor injuries in the exchange.

Simone agreed to be taken back to Massachusetts to face charges there, but in light of the video footage of his arrest, the focus of the story now shifts to examining whether the multi-jurisdiction pursuit ended with excessive use of force by the officers involved. Investigations into their conduct by each department are already underway.


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  1. cops around world, should not use violents, unnecessary only to protect one self or people around at the time, law bracking

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