Plug Your Brain In For Enhanced Dreaming

“Scientists have discovered that it is possible to induce lucid dreaming in sleepers by applying mild electrical currents to their scalps, a study says. Lucid dreaming is when a sleeper recognises…


  1. I had a dream that my dog was in my bathtub with the body of a turtle. The
    human brain is fascinating but also really fucking weird.

  2. I’ve had lucid dreaming for years and It’s real. I’ve realized that I was
    dreaming and had the ability to fly or change the colour of the sky etc
    It’s 100% real.. Not sure why people could possibly think it’s fake… I
    didn’t even realize that it is rare?… I feel special now lol

  3. Every night and i remember them aswell, i somehow combine universes. Like
    our world in a highschool setting with pokemon of last night…. I somehow
    alway`s fail the end objective and it gets cut there but the rest is highly
    succesfull. The only stupid dream that sometimes recour is me falling in an
    endless well for hours (boring) so I change it asap and i end up in a lucid
    dream of the perfect life. Then i sleep in very late.

    Ah yeah manipulating your random generated dream so you fly around the
    world (also underwater), i slept for 12+ hours just because it was so
    relaxing and the moment i tried to get up i felt not relax so went back to
    bed and got back into it. I can control the dream almost fully, but often i
    avoid it to play along with the enviorement and characters given to me.
    Otherwise every dream would be the same.

    Worst one was dreaming about a 13 (1 hour break tops) hour college day, it
    was like real life. Then i woke up and realized that day was today. So did
    2 of those day`s in 1 day and had to do all the work twice….. So i awoke
    in my dream, thinking i awoke irl and basicly altered the dream to normal

  4. Lucid dreaming is a lot of fun. I don’t have dreams about women. I used to
    as a teenager, but no more. I’m either fucking a woman in my head in her
    presence or trying to fuck her for real. Either way is fine with me. I
    actually consider mind fucks to be excellent foreplay. I probably shouldn’t
    admit it but oh well. I am afraid to say this….but I’ll say it anyway
    because I am single probably for a long time XD….I have absolutely no
    problem cheating. Now I have to keep that eternally secret from any
    girlfriend or wife in the future.

    When I dream I dream about a world created entirely out of my imagination,
    of unrivalled beauty….better than anything I will ever experience in the
    external world. I just can’t get enough of it! It’s also one of the things
    that is holding me back. I cannot escape it however, and it will be my
    prison for as long as I live.

    P.S. Notice how John rarely says anything stupid…that mother fucking
    intelligent little prick.

  5. I lucid dream quite often. The best kind are where I’ve just awakened, but
    when closing my eyes I hallucinate/dream lucidly while still feeling awake.
    Like my dream center hasn’t quite shut down yet. When I open my eyes, I’m
    back in the real world, but a few seconds after closing them, I’m back in
    the dream world. Pretty crazy stuff.

    It’s so pleasant to have “godlike” powers in dreams that you can get
    addicted to the feeling and just sleep your days away.

  6. I take Wellbutrin (bupropion) and every night it gives me incredibly vivid
    dreams that I can remember start to finish, and they are always much more
    relevant to what is going on in my daily life. Some people have problems
    with this because they will have nightmares, and while I’ve had extremely
    horrific and gory dreams, none have ever triggered any feelings of
    disturbance or fear. I have terrible sleep habits, always have, and also
    have experienced other sleep phenomena such as hyponogogic and hypopompic
    hallucinations, as well as sleep paralysis. The most interesting instance
    of one of these actually happened a few days ago, wherein I woke up
    paralyzed (doesn’t bother me, I find it an extremely fascinating
    experience) but I was much closer to being awake, fully conscious than
    usual. Most times you just see really vague shadowy objects or “feel” a
    presence in your room, but this time I saw a person standing inside my
    closet with just a blank, dead look. It looked like an amalgamation of the
    body and facial features of about 10-15 people I personally know. The human
    brain is probably the most fascinating object in the universe, although as
    a human brain I might be a little biased. 

  7. This is the way I lucid dream I wait till I know that I’m half asleep half
    awake and then I start thinking about something and let my brain take over
    from there(not fantasizing) and then I end up dreaming what i was thinking
    about. Am i doing it right? Do you do this too? Can someone please explain
    to me how to really lucid dream and take control of it and practice?

  8. I’ve died in several dreams person who commented and yet I continue to live
    physically. OR DO I? ;)

  9. The quality of dreams is ridiculous, it’s very detailed. And the landscape
    when you go outside is super vast and majestic

  10. Cenk acts like men are dogs who only think of sex. This is not true. There
    are many men who have different dreams than just fucking everyone.

  11. Well I’ve been having lucid drs which I believe are DIVINE VISITATIONS,
    some call what I do astral Projection other call it prophetic visions . I
    allowed the camera to journal each moment. Check it out on my channel . I
    hate this gift at times but it has been accurate and never wrong . I truly
    believe I visit these ppl and places in the future and hell. Visions of
    future and visit to hell and heaven are the ones I recommend to watch
    first. ! Machines for this.. Awm I don’t think so. I’ll
    Keep my brain as is!

  12. I lucid dream 2 or 3 times a week – I’ve been doing it for years. I’ve
    flown while having sex. There’s nothing to it. I’ve also had sex

  13. id rather let my brain handle dreaming.. it is kinda matrixesk and well
    frankly who know what will happen mind hacking? i love technology but we
    need to take a step back and wonder ohw this things can either be abused or
    if they could harm us.. i mean next thing you know commercials in our
    dreams! isnt that great (sarcasm)

  14. Heres what my experience has thought me about lucid “dreaming”. They often
    happen when i’m half awake in the morning and I don’t its me controlling
    the “dream” persay. Rather, i think that once we have woken up partially
    and haven’t not opened our eyes or experienced the real world in any
    substantial way, our ability to visualize our fantasies (sex or flying
    etc.) is much more effective than at any other time. So much so that it
    seems like dream, but really its just our conscious brain in a moment where
    it can effectively immerse ourselves in our conscious thought.

  15. I always wake up within a few seconds of becoming aware it is a dream.
    Waking up only occurs though after I attempt to control it. I will change a
    direction away from the direction the dream wanted me to go, by either
    looking or moving away or by trying to remain in a moment that the dream is
    moving me away from, and slowly wake to full consciousness. 

  16. I had a dream that I was aware of dreaming once; I woke up in the dream,
    but realized I was in a dream, so I went back to sleep in the dream lol. 

  17. The only dreams I remember are the ones in which I’m flying. It’s gotten
    old-hat at this point, so I’d probably take the sex too.

  18. If I could choose to kiss a girl on the mouth or lips, or a jetpack… I
    would choose a jetpack, because then you could fly to the girls and get

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