Philippine Police Van Runs over Protesters at Anti-US Rally in Manila

TV9 News: Philippines Police Van Rams Protesters Outside US Embassy in Manila…,

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A police van in the Philippines rammed left-wing protesters and ran over some of them at an anti-US rally outside the US embassy in Manila on Wednesday. Hundreds of protesters were demanding an end to the presence of US troops in the country and backing the call for an independent foreign policy by President Rodrigo Duterte, who is on a state visit to China. At least three student activists were run over by the police van and taken to hospital. Police were seen arresting several protesters, who earlier hurled red paint at a US government seal at the entry to the embassy, sparking a confrontation. The van repeatedly rammed the protesters as it drove wildly back and forth after protesters had surrounded and started hitting the van with wooden batons they had seized from the police.


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