Pete Santilli Episode #903 – Week in Review With Pete Santilli And Susannah Cole

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  1. Pete. Have you ever thought of selling large glass coffee mugs with GMN and
    the Guerrilla on them? It would be great to see you advertise the show
    instead of Mason every time you sip your coffee. I would buy one for my ice

  2. Zionists in Eukraine from the get go…..Nuland, Kegan etc
    . Mossad is making ALL the decisions not Israel government thru the loyal
    USA Zionists here. I think Merkel is also involved in this and now running
    scared. I think Netanyahu is in it also. LOOK at History of Mossad.
    This is a joint Mossad /CIA attack in Ukraine.
    PETE THE CIA/MOSSAD (‘katsis” Zionist agents) CONTROL (via our loyal USA
    Zionists “sayanim”) OUR MILITARY COMPLETELY

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