Pete Santilli Episode #848 – FSU Gunman Believed He Was Being “Targeted With Directed Energy”

Read full article: FSU GUNMAN – GMN Exclusive: GMN Releases this exclusive audio of the FSU shooter Myron May who was frantically reaching out to several individuals just prior to the shooting….


  1. Mind controlled patsies manipulated into committing a shooting leading to
    their death are not “taking matters into their own hands”; they’re victims.
    Even if he was legitimately schizophrenic as the result of the targeting,
    he’s a victim. 

  2. And God would say to those people suffering this torture… never give up,
    never give in, lean on me, don’t listen to the “devil” whispering inside
    your ears or trying to take over your brain. Fuck them – their going down
    for this crap. America’s enemy is within. Our own military, Homeland
    Security. FBI, CIA and Police forces now serve the implosion of the USA.

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  4. TIs, may become insane, but their targeting is to simply discredit them to
    hide the crime, Not to Create Insanity. All TIs are under incredible
    stress. May was Not insane, he was tortured.

  5. Is there ANY proof or documentation that his plan was other than sending
    out the intended info via packages ?
    Seems to me THAT was his plan, NOT shooting a gun or people to gain
    attention. SO is there any proof or evidence that points “his plan” towards
    doing what is claimed ? ANYONE ?

  6. A piece your missing to your understanding, involves how this is going down
    as part of a societal implosion from our own forces meant to protect and
    secure the people and the borders.

    Whole communities are involved in this gangstalking harassment and
    biological weapon torture upon targeted individuals. Obviously not everyone
    is participating because then someone like yourself would know about it.
    But segments of the community along with police, fire depts. emergency
    responders through coordination with the Dept. of Homeland security groups
    are abusing people and their children even pets, obstructing rights on ALL
    levels possible, torturing with military type of weapons like this country
    is Iraq, even going as far as murdering other people in their neighborhoods
    – communities – states.

    If X Governor Jesse Ventura in his Brain Stealer show said they “know” of a
    million targets, then each target has an equivalent of 3 or more people
    plus the entire system attacking them. That should equate to about 10
    million people within the USA that know what this program is and what’s
    going on.

    They ARE setting people off as Manchurian candidates and they are using
    these groups to facilitate it. What I haven’t been able to figure out is
    the complicity of the entire system and other civilians towards the crimes
    being committed. Where are the protests to someone being set off to kill
    others within these groups? If it has happened as often as I and others
    suspect, then we the people should be aware of this so called “program”
    and screaming our heads off about it. Instead there’s nothing but silence.
    This weapon has the ability to entrained the brain waves of a human being,
    as well as modify thoughts, emotions even memories. Are we as a society ALL
    being neurological mind controlled enough so we wouldn’t be alarmed about a
    “fire” even if we are the ones burning? This goes all the way to the
    President. What does that means for us as a people?

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