Perry Deflects – Will Obama Halt Ebola Flights – Infowars News 10/1

The public is at high risk of being infected with the first known case of Ebola in the U.S.. Infowars reporter Joe Biggs asked Texas Governor Rick Perry to demand that Obama stop flights from West Africa just like European countries have already done. Perry took the opportunity to praise the CDC. Both President Obama and The World Health Organization claimed that the risk of Ebola reaching the U.S. via air travel was low. The softball press conference also danced around the issue that 5 children may have been infected by the Ebola stricken Liberian traveler. The Doctors assured the public that those kids were being monitored at home. Now, parents are pulling their children out of 4 Dallas Schools where the 5 possibly Ebola stricken were allowed to attend. The people in charge of the situation are clearly unprepared to deal with this life and death matter. They cling to their hubris and lack of true public perspective.

Infowars News 10/1/14

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