People Boycott Jim Beam Over Mila Kunis Planned Parenthood Donations in Pence’s Name

–Mila Kunis goes on TBS’s “Conan” and reveals she donates to Planned Parenthood monthly under the pseudonym “Mike Pence,” so some on the right are boycotting Jim Bean, a bourbon whiskey product for which she a spokesperson

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Broadcast on November 10, 2017


  1. Sorry for being "mean" :
    BUT only the most illiterate among red neck farm owner would even care enough to boycott a brand of bourbon, in order to achieve a certain political agenda!!!!

  2. Don't like the taste of Jim Beam, but I can suffer through a bottle "for the cause". Pence is a religious nutcase. He was about to lose his job when he lucked into the VP slot. Mandated funerals for miscarriage tissue, and YOU have to pay? Not in my country.

  3. A boycott only works when a large number of people are involved. Conservatives seem to still be under the impression that they are a silent majority, when they are actually an extremely vocal minority.

  4. Hey beam me up scotty!!! Beam is one of the best bourbons god dammit. It,s smooth, a little smokey and delish. Beam and coke, beam and branch, beam right out of the jug.

  5. David, just say "you may remember her from That 70s Show"….and no one watches TV anymore. Netflix if God, Hulu could become a real competitor if they offered functionality at base price and provided a useable interface…..and didn't freeze and shit. Fuck Hulu. Netflix is dope.

  6. I thought conservatives were not supposed to be drinking anyway because you know they are so religious and all. If you are so butt hurt over that, you might as well just shoot your self with your gun now because you are not going to be able to handle life.

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