Patient in Isolation at Queens Medical Center in Honolulu

The Department of Health has confirmed a patient is currently in isolation and undergoing testing in Honolulu. The Hawaii Nurses Association said the person is being treated at The Queen’s…


  1. as Ebola starts to infect more people… the chemtrails will start
    including Ebola vapors to speed up the spread and death.

  2. They did not put it together because most here in America are completely
    illiterate when it comes to geography i bet the person who took his info
    could not even point Liberia out on a map. They got everyone conditioned to
    go to work pay bills go to work again that most people don’t have time to
    gain any useful knowledge at all.

  3. Lockdown period. Until Africa can get this this isolated, more people from
    Africa into the USA. Our customs officials, hospital workers and everybody
    is at risk from poor people eating fruit bats and monkeys. Am I crazy or
    racist for saying this?

  4. Couple of things come to mind. This “miscommunication” at the hospital
    about the guy being from Liberia, I’m almost 100% positive this hospital
    staff couldn’t locate Liberia on a map and secondly, didn’t even know about
    the crisis going on there. How could anyone in nursing and medicine not
    know about this? Reason being most Americans are numb to anything outside
    of their little circle and when the CDC doesn’t raise any alarms about its
    potential, the brain dead staff won’t know what to do.

  5. The nurses treating the patient in Dallas may have been ignorant about
    Ebola in Liberia. Not many hospitals are preparing for an Ebola outbreak.
    There just conducting business as usual.

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