Pat Robertson vs. Atheist Air Force Member

“TV preacher Pat Robertson lashed out at a “Jewish radical” on Thursday who he said was responsible for God being removed from the Air Force oath. The Air Force announced on Thursday that…


  1. just keep this god nonsense from real life. why is that so hard for people
    to comprehend. you shouldn’t mix real life and fairy tales. fucking idiots.

  2. I’m campaigning to have the line changed to “So help me Godzilla” as well
    as with the money – “In Godzilla we trust.” Let’s make this happen, people.

  3. This is about subservience to Holy Men. Just like with ISIS, only milder.
    If you do not bow down to the Holy Men (through their proxy, god) you
    cannot participate in society.

  4. Like the rest of his vile, far-right ilk, Robertson only waves around the
    Constitution when is suits him.

    That miserable bastard needs to DIE soon.

    ~An Atheist Army Wife

  5. Might as well cross out “we are endowed by our CREATOR with certain
    unalienable Rights” because without God, America would not exist, our
    “unalienable Rights” wouldn’t exist and we’d still just be another British
    colony, like Canada. The fact is, when you defend this country, your are
    defending a nation founded on and through a strict belief in God.

  6. Of course Pat NEVER considers the fact that it would be scarier to go into
    battle knowing if you die that’s it. Game over. Yet that chairman signed
    up. Pat needs to grow up and let go of his imaginary friend. It is nice
    here in reality.

  7. Really?…”Terrorize”. Hardly a word I would use to describe.
    Apparently the fact that this airman is willing to serve his country and
    risk his life is not good enough for Pat.

    On a different note: Religion does not matter to the soldiers in the end.
    Faith, prayer, etc does not stop bullets, the science/technology behind
    armor does.

  8. Atheist slowly tearing the world apart and leading to the ignorance of
    morality. I hope the next president is conservative so he can put a stop to

  9. The intellectuals’ ability to disprove the beliefs of fundamentalist
    Conservatives has scared Republicans more than any big muscular jock ever

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  11. Saying you want help from god IS saying you believe in god.

    Pat Robertson: leader of the Christian Taliban. He sure can’t claim he
    “supports the troops” now.

  12. Isn’t this the same old bozo who told that very elderly lady to get another
    part time job in order to make monthly payments to “Jesus”? Why are these
    foolish people even on national television? AMERICA

  13. Why does this loser think he can force anybody to say anything he wants
    anyways. I don’t care what Pat Robertson says, he sucks.

  14. If people really had the faith they claim they have, then why not dismantle
    all the bombers? I mean can’t we just use the angels to to kill ISIS? Of
    course if God takes the side of ISIS, this will be problematic.

  15. Well, It’s not like someone won’t just ALLOW the terrorists to attack us
    when the wealthy donors/arms merchants want us to go to war. Dick Cheney +
    Norad = 9/11 Google it.

  16. Nerd moment. Romulus was not a god in myth. He was one of the mythical
    founders of Rome along with the brother he ended up killined, Remes. 

  17. If one really believed in god they couldn’t join any group that kills
    people like the air force or army. Do we want our country to be like the
    terrorist groups we are fighting and make a religious requirement to join?

  18. I don’t know who Mr. Grumpy-Pants is, but it’s clear his 1st century idea’s
    of how the world works is well past it’s prime. I guess anyone can get a TV
    show on public access at 4AM Thursday night if that Pat-guy can.

  19. Romulus is a Star Trek alien planet (that was destroyed by a star that went
    super nova), not a any sort of deity. Continuous proof of how much of a
    dumbass, John Iadarola really is. If you’re going to attempt to poke fun
    (and fail, as John usually does, since he’s rarely even close to funny),
    name actual deities. Not just references you pull out of a fucking
    hat…..fucking twat.

  20. i was in the army and i didnt care what other soldiers believed or if they
    were gay. long as you respected me and my beliefs i respected yours because
    the last i checked bullets, mortars, IEDs etc etc dont differentiate. 

  21. What would Pat Robertson say about this airman Mike Weinstein, if he was
    willing to say “so help me god”, but if he openly said he was gay? What
    would Robertson whine about then?

  22. well i hear atheists say ‘oh my God’ or ‘Goddamnit ”. ”so help me God’ is
    just a saying like that. but people shouldn’t be forced to say it. i agree

  23. Pat’s pissed because his illegitimate business model crumbles from within
    if honest folk expose and challenge the fraudulent lies and fallacies
    lurking at the rotten core of his immoral imaginary sky daddy selling scam.

  24. For me “so help me god” is just words and dosent mean anything for me as an
    atheist and wouldent even bother whit not saying it… me being an Atheist
    is a persenal thing not something i have to use to not have to say shit
    some religius nut job (not job = war loveing idiot) desided the air force
    sould say…

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