Our Journalists Share Their Most Memorable Interviews of 2017

Our Journalists Share Their Most Memorable Interviews of 2017
FRANCES ROBLES, domestic correspondent AILEEN AYALA, mother whose son died of a heart condition the morning Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico I met
Aileen Ayala at the Salinas Memorial Funeral Home a week after her 29-year-old son, Josue Santos, died as Hurricane Maria trampled Puerto Rico.
ANDREW KRAMER, Moscow correspondent AMINA OKUYEVA, volunteer soldier in the war against Russian-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine It was Amina Okuyeva’s
first interview with a foreign journalist since an assassin posing as a foreign journalist had tried to kill her and her husband during an interview.
SHERYL GAY STOLBERG, Washington correspondent JEFF FLAKE, Republican senator from Arizona I had just started covering Congress when
I went to Arizona in October to interview the Republican senator Jeff Flake, an ardent critic of President Trump, on his home turf.
Sesame said that I always wanted to visit some of these other universes, just to see how things are there,
But as the son of a Galway woman, I also knew that a deeper discussion would require tea, and tea would require pie.

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