Oscar Pistorius Trial: Wednesday 12 March 2014, Session 1

Oscar Pistorius’s former friend, Darren Fresco, is expected to face gruelling cross-examination by the defence when the trial resumes in Pretoria on Wednesda…


  1. He took photos of the speedometer when speeding! These horrible reckless
    people. Samantha Taylor’s parents are insane letting her hang out with
    these gun toting douchebags.

  2. The Jehovah’s Witnesses are a cult. They’re referred to as The Armageddon
    Cult because they have consistently in the past and still today continue to
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  3. Mr. Roux accuses: EVERYBODY of EVERYTHING!!! Watching from just
    outside Las Vegas, Nevada hi to everyone in South Africa.

  4. One thing you have to say for Roux is that he has to stay ahead of all of
    the witnesses. He has to know and understand how their professions work and
    know them better than they know themselves on the witness stand.
    Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the luxury of dismissing information or
    details by claiming it wasn’t part of his job and therefore he couldn’t be
    bothered with it.

  5. Look how relaxed, assured and jovial he looks when presented with clearly
    fabricated evidence… Can’t show the same demeanor with other evidence
    that if innocent would also be fabrications.

  6. Roux don´t try it !! My Lady is on Alert .Specially for you jack ass .
    16h41 Roux not 16h40 you can not steal 1 mn like that ,you´r a Lear Roux . 

  7. The Prosecutor is doing his job…just at the Defence attorney is…why are
    people so surprised that both sides are using the tactics they are? This
    is nothing new in such trials…and each is trying to win the case…I
    personally feel that whatever is said at the end of the day a beautiful,
    young woman’s life has been destroyed and Pistorius has destroyed his life
    too in taking hers in such a violent way whether intentionally or not he’s
    murdered her.

  8. Its he going to ask for “centre” before he kicks off with this turn at the
    crease with the cricket bat?????????????

  9. @Mathew I saw that too hey! I could not believe it I had to go back even to
    make sure I saw it properly !

  10. You cannot ask leading questions when adducing evidence either in Chief or
    in Re-Examination. This prosecutor is getting around that GOLDEN rule by
    using body language in the same manner – to lead the answer or suggest it
    by shaking his head at the same time.
    Unfair and Unethical – Breach of Prosecutors Rules

  11. He is at it again look at 7:35 “Gainfully employed as a Network Engineer”
    The Prosecutor attempts to suggest the answer by shaking his head in the
    negative whilst asking the Question – NOT ETHICAL

  12. Look at this crook prosecutor shaking his head in the negative whilst
    asking the witness if he or anyone else took a photograph of the “speedo” –
    he is trying to get a negative answer from the witness – Not ethical

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