Oscar Pistorius Trial: 24 Monday 2014, Session 2

Pistorius murder trial has resumed at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria with the prosecution calling Anette Stipp to the stand. Stipp is the wife of D…


  1. I am extrapolating from some of the testimony here, but does anyone know
    whether the defense was actually outside the witness’es residence some time
    last week, conducting sound tests with various male/female/high-pitched
    male voices during the evening?

  2. I do not know who is the best at blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…….Roux or
    Olwage. It’s difficult for me to listen to either pompous A$$. I tune out
    after a few minutes.

  3. @m eleka there is no doubt that most of us adult women watching can picture
    what happened. We escaped. She did not. 

  4. myself as a women when upset really upset anxious i cry scream all mixed up
    so what does it matter about the exact description, it shows that reeva was
    in distress so crying shouting screaming makes a distress call in any

  5. Regarding the number of shots, couldn’t there have been some echo effect
    with all the buildings around, like shouting in a canyon? Kind of like
    Echo Canyon?

  6. The window in the bathroom was open so the shots would have carried out
    into the night they would have been clear. In Oscar’s affidavit he says
    that discovering that he had shot Reeva he ran into the bedroom put on his
    legs and ran to the balcony to shout for help, when earlier he had said
    that he had been terrified in the bathroom and felt trapped and could not
    go the bedroom because the door was SHUT. at some point the bedroom door
    had been shut and maybe he was shut in or Reeva there had been marks on
    the door. And I think that this lawyer is a pig, and the judge is
    questioning him. I feel she is a bit weak I would have bitten his head off

  7. So if light is visible through a window(Mrs Stipp), but that rooms light is
    out of order, and then later there is no light visible(Mr Stipp), OMG
    somebody had opened and closed a door leading to adjacent rooms which had
    the lights turned on.

  8. The defense reminds me of a school teacher.. correcting his pupils work..
    Editing.. Correcting. Pulling apart every nuance! Mind Blowing! The
    defense team looks worried. 

  9. The light in the far left window could have been coming in through the
    doorway from the light on in the other room. Her testimony is completely
    contradictory to OP’s who said the lights were all out during the
    shooting. They are trying so hard to make her unbelievable. I find her to
    be completely credible.

  10. Mrs Stipp does not recall dogs barking is because her attentions was drawn
    to the screaming not to dogs barking especially when you are hearing
    blood-curdling screams. She was not awoken by the dogs. And maybe the dogs
    were too scared to bark with the owner off his rocket that night. This
    bloke is really wasting time. There were probably mosquito buzzing but she
    does not recall them either

  11. I like My Lady.. she is on the ball.. she is very quiet up there, but
    taking everything in… She is one very competent lady

  12. This defense attorney is just another bag of wind. He doesn’t merely split
    hairs. He splits the DNA strands of hair.

  13. Her story hasn’t changed no matter how many different ways Mr Olwage has
    asked it! Move on already!!!!1

  14. annie4664 I totally agree, the house is ugly and claustrophobic, a waste of
    good money, even with the security.

  15. OP must have been told by the defense that when a lay witness is giving
    evidence that he sits and looks directly at them, almost defiantly, maybe
    to shake them?? However when he doesnt want to hear evidence that is
    shocking, he hangs his head and hides? Body language expert needed please

  16. Why don’t they just move forward…what difference does it make if a dogs
    barked or not…screams have been verified by 3 witnesses so get over the
    dogs they don’t count!

  17. Poor Reeva’s Mother.. To sit and listen, over and over again, as to how her
    daughter screamed and screaed…. and she was terrified! 🙁 How
    heartbreaking for her… why couldn’t OP just be honest. He is getting
    caught out at every turn.. There are way to many witnesses who heard
    screaming from a woman and also from a man. He lied. This defense team..
    what does it say about them.. that they can defend and try dispel
    everything the witnesses say. I know its their job.. but what a shit job…
    they have no conscience. Surely they know he did it! How can they
    continue… I could never do a job like that. I would never sleep with my

  18. oscar Pistorius became gradually more paranoid over the beginning of his
    relationship with the most beautiful woman he could ever imagine. The
    disability that made his life was finally coming to the fore of his mind as
    he failed to satisfy the woman he was falling in love with.
    The lack of power as he balanced on his stumps was only ever
    compensated with the power of his weapon of metal pellets. The connection
    to metal that powered his system to gold gave him his orgasm.
    jealously accompanied the days as he imagined his girlfriend with
    other able bodies people. The need for bigger weapons of power was the only
    distraction to ease the pain, fancy cars and more powerful guns with the
    most destructive of ammunition.
    As Oscar trailed through some porn he attempted again to please his
    love on the day of the year she most expected and the most he ever wanted
    to please.
    An explosion of rage and the need to get his own satisfaction took over
    until it manifested in front of him and finally he was able to release his
    urge and he fired his metal bullets all over the body in an ejaculation of
    metal and power he needed to take on the last 100 metres to the bathroom,
    it was all over.

  19. Anette Stipp has been the most credible witness for the prosecution so far,
    having consistently resisted the prosecution’s attempts to undermine her.
    She is also the best witness, having been awake before events took place,
    and being a woman is likely to recognise the sound of another woman’s
    screaming. The defence is rather pathetically labouring the point about her
    bedroom curtain to try to discredit her evidence that the lights were on in
    Pistorius’ house prior to the shooting. Both the lights and the screaming
    in Anette Stipp’s evidence is contrary to Pistorius’ story. I can’t see
    that Anette Stipp or any other witnesses has anything to gain by
    incriminating Pistorius, but he certainly has a great deal to lose, and it
    is clear who’s version of events is beginning to ring more true. Although
    I’ve tried, I can’t believe Pistorius anymore. I think that if the
    witnesses who heard screaming were uncertain about it (being male or
    female) then they’d have said so. They’ve all been quite adamant that they
    heard a woman’s screams. We know Pistorius has a temper, and has been
    accused of two incidents of shooting without thinking. Also I’m sorry to
    say it but having seen Reeva Steenkamp’s reality tv efforts (in which she
    talks about being ‘in love with love’) and her best friend in conversation,
    I can imagine that as well as being very beautiful she might have been
    incredibly annoying too.

  20. 29:30 … Note how the defense attorney cannot put two words after
    one-another without binking as if he’s watching at the sun. His
    bodylanguage speaks books.

  21. Oldwage made a mess of the cross-examination today – doesn’t have the wit
    and confidence of Roux. Things looking pretty grim for Ozzy boy.

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