Oregon shooting victim was a ‘sweet boy’

Police detail the day of the Oregon school shooting, describing the victim and how the suspect obtained his weapons.


  1. another excuse to try nd ban assualt riffles. i wonder why the gov would
    wanna do that? fema camps are next

  2. oh just wait after they ban guns. body count will be 10 fold for a couple
    of years, after. destroying our economy and most likely breaking up the
    union successfully…..I don’t know how anyone can deny that. Americans are
    dear to their guns.

  3. Oakich , that’s great and now let’s start murdering with guns as well ,
    let’s get the numbers even , would that make you happy , dump idiot

  4. I feel bad about what happened and my heart gose out to the family of both
    victim and shooter. Nobody should have to go through that. It’s a shame
    that this tragedy is going to be exploited by anti gun extremism. If people
    would quit making spree killers out to be celebrates I don’t think it would
    happen as much. We need armed guards in our schools and it’s not just
    because of the shootings. Kids stab and rape each other in schools
    frequently. I will keep the right to protect my kids with a gun.

  5. Hoax or not, the US is at the UN every week looking to bomb and kill people
    with no remorse. So, don’t cry when your own propaganda and violence kills

  6. More people are killed each year with hammers than rifles. More people are
    killed each year with fists than with rifles. Please cover those stories.

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