#Obola Contest Winners Revealed

Alex Jones reveals the winner of the #Obola contest and shows you the top 5 entries. http://www.infowars.com/video-obola-contest-winners-revealed/ Follow Alex on TWITTER – .


  1. [President Ronald Reagan] is one of the persons most responsible for
    allowing the plague of AIDS to grow from 41 cases in 1981 to over 70
    million today. He ignored aids until 20,849 Americans had died. He refused
    to even say the word out loud for the first seven years of his presidency
    and when he did speak about it, it was with disdain.


    Ebola spreads through bodily fluids. The only reason why it would spread is
    from ignorance of it, which is why it is spreading in under-developed
    societies. There is only 1 death in the U.S. because of malpractice. Please
    stop spreading misinformation and stop being stupid.

    The Obama admin has not been perfect in handling ebola but it has been
    practice, as opposed to the negligence of the Reagan administration. There
    are many things you can criticize him for many things, ebola is not one.
    Alex often talks of the government manufacturing crises for its own
    benefit. It seems like the non issue of ebola has been largely manufactured
    by him to increase web traffic, push product and increase viewership.



  2. i remember last year when i was blocked on Alex Jones Channel, WHY? for
    exposing his FALSE… WHY? his a AGENT? Solution- Research “ALEX JONES

  3. I could really use $5,000 right now. Goddamn illegals & immigrants are
    making it hard for my unskilled ass to move up. It’s hard to finish college
    because i need a job to afford it & I refuse to take the student loan trap.
    Freakin businesses want 10 years experience for everything, even being a
    freakin receptionist or groundskeeper. Fucking companies are selling out us
    Americans for cheap foreign slaves. It’s going to get to the point in this
    country when we are going to have to make a stand against the elites &
    illegals. Like that Magua scene in *Last of the Mohicans* I will be happy
    to eat the heart of the globalists & anyone who sympathizes with them.

  4. The Jalapeno peppers are really rough when you get that mix, but something
    as mild as an Anaheim Pepper hurts like a bull-corny-hotdog too.

  5. im sorry but I follow the bible which says do unto others as you would have
    done unto you for it shall be done to you, this was a bad kid , once a
    person commits a strong armed robbery they believe there is no one who can
    stop them that’s why he attacked the cop that is just truth if you have
    those racist glasses on Obama has given out you will see this very
    differently , I am no fan of the police at all and I know many are racist
    and blacks are sitting in prisons across the country because of this I have
    been running my mouth about it for over 40 years I know what and how he
    felt for I to went through the superman phase ,yes I grew out of it and he
    to may have but if someone had shot me during that time I would have
    deserved it and I know many who have seen the same .

  6. Oh, so now the financial collapse is by 2016? Then it’s in 2016? How long
    before this fat piece of shit says it is in 2017, 2018 etc? Such a scam
    artist. I’d love to beat this fat man’s ass. 

  7. mf trolls ruining this channel !-i would shut comments off, if i was them.
    That would make all of ’em scratch their head.

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