Obama’s Amnesty Creates Entitlement Program For Illegals

Rand Paul shot back at Barack Obama’s vow to use executive orders to implement his amnesty program by accusing the President of betraying the founding principles of America. http://www.infowars.com/rand-paul-obama-is-betraying-the-founding-principles-of-america/.


  1. This is dumb af okay most of immigrants are here to work they pick your
    fruit and do hard labor work wich most Americans would never do most of
    them are hard working people all they want is The American Dream. 

  2. Why is Obama doing this , these are still illegal scu s and everybody hates
    them filthy smelly illegal scu,s ,just fuck them in the ass every chance
    you get and remember nobody likes a dirty Mexican crapping in your back
    yard !

  3. just to let it be known, taxes are voluntary, so therefore if you chose to
    fund this mad house go on and do so. because im not.

  4. This makes me SICK!!!!! My husband has a torn ACL in his knee and we can’t
    afford to get it fixed because we have no insurance! Obozocare is a joke!
    High premiums and you still have to pay a percentage to the doctors! My
    husband is in constant pain but he still goes to work painting houses!!!
    Our govt don’t take care of us yet they are going to give illegals free
    stuff!!!!!!! This is just insane! When will it ever end!???

  5. The other option is to round up, detain, have a trial, and then deport
    them. Let’s see, 5 million detained and tried (children, too, some US
    citizens) – the Cost is very high. But that is the alternative —
    Republicans are COWARDS — they only want to blame, not to solve this
    problem or take any responsibility. Yet they were elected to take
    responsibility and fix America. But they only blame – never fix anything.
    Too much of what Republicans proclaim (sometimes in the name of God) is
    False. Credibility – gone. 

  6. Wow….maybe I need to give up my citizenship & claim illegal immigrant
    status….Oh wait, I’m a Caucasian Christian. …they would deport me to

  7. Nanci Pelosi says Obama is only doing what Reagan did in 86. People have to
    get in their minds that because these people-being Politicians, celebrities
    and such are in charge or on television and cable-does not mean they aren’t
    fucking idiots. Think about it, Those of you who work-I’m sure there are
    jackasses and idiots around you and above, coworkers, bosses, etc. Well
    same thing but on a much grander scale. Look at the owners of WalMart-just
    because they slid out of a entitled vagina, they have more money then 60%
    of the U.S. combined-and I’ll bet they’re fucking idiots.

  8. 1. The US can’t afford another person let alone another 5 milliion!
    2. There are genuine asylum seekers that The US should be helping instead.
    (The US is the major reason people need to flee from what was once their
    safe home.)
    3. Obama is an out of control psychopath.

  9. God is really testing my forgiveness and love. I am finding it extremely
    harder every day to love and forgive my enemies!! 

  10. What about the people like me that came to America legal. Why in Hell do
    the Mexicans get A free ride!! I thought democrats where about fair
    treatment. Wow democrats are A bunch of evil people!!!

  11. the illegals are stupid, they really think they are coming to the land of
    the free. good luck on their attempt to achieve the amerikkan dream

  12. I like Obama for some reason… I’m going to not follow the herd and say
    look at the numbers.. Anyone else is welcome here. ENGLISH CANADIANS WHY

  13. Lol I wish we could fix up Mexico so they will quit flooding to our
    borders..seal team six all the head drug cartels .. or some thing…soon we
    will be just like Mexico if this keeps up lol.. it realy is a planed
    implosion of or country.. destroying us from within… 

  14. Just Google the story of “The Ants and the Locusts” and you will get a very
    clear picture of what this is all about. Or have a close look at “The Lion
    King” again. Themes are the same!

  15. I’ve always said that illegals are better off staying illegals so they can
    keep all their entitlement programs of free everything! Why become a
    citizen where you have to work and pay taxes, pay for your food, medical,
    housing and free education 

  16. I just don’t think Obama realized how many people how many countries are
    laughing in his face as they watch him destroy America ..he’s like a bully
    you laugh at me ..take this reguardless who he hurts..he should of been
    escorted away soon as he said the borders were more secure

  17. I have video of the next day line out side of the hospital in Phx, AZ a
    mile long. It was horrible no parking set up nothing. My buddy is working
    in a hospital right now and its filled four stories with Guatemalan
    refugees. Masks and shots are given before working in this environment.
    Anyway I am for humans being good to humans but I doubt this will be good
    to America. I hope my family does not lose work because of this. 

  18. David -Rule of Law is gone. Laws do not serve the people, they enslave. The
    Constitution is ignored. Corruption is everywhere. It cannot be voted out.
    It must be rode out on a rail by armed Patriots.

  19. Sebastian…..Why is Onbooma doing this ? you ask… The answer lies with
    Barruck’s history and his actions in office… He hates America and wants
    to bring it to it’s knees, everything he does is to hurt not help
    America… The Democrat leadership and the so-called Republican
    establishment is going right along and doing nothing to stop him !!

  20. Obama don’t mention the Entitlement programs that illegals would get and we
    the taxpayers would have to pay for it, we are talking Billions of our
    dollars. Obama is creating a collapse of our country with no regard for
    American law and the people that are citizens. How in the hell can anyone
    support this guy he is not stable.

  21. Obama, candidate for censor. It is apparent parents no longer have any
    rights. Obama, should not be allowed to be around children.

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