Obama: No one should fear when they pray

President Obama makes comments about the Kansas City shootings at a prayer breakfast this morning. More from CNN at http://www.cnn.com/ To license this and o…


  1. so,,say if a group of christians came to the white house and stood on the
    lawn,held hands if they could< and prayed to God,the real one,father,the God of Isaac,Abraham and Jacob,what would happen to them?.hmmm

  2. Our sincere condolences to their loved one’s. What a deplorable act of
    terror!!, it’s time for the Government to take charge and go for the
    Anti-Semites and Islamophobes, this is America, Zero tolerance for bigots,
    Zealots, Anti-Semites, Islamophobes.!

  3. That’s why I never pray. Because I know when I go to kneel and pray, I’ll
    become the prey. There’s in no monster more carnivorous than the human

  4. This has NOTHING to do with race. This is just a another false flag event
    set in place to add another nail to the coffin of our constitution. They
    use ( Scopolia ) the date rape drug on people that can be easily
    manipulated, to instruct them to go on a murderous rampage and shout anti
    semitic remarks or what ever fits the scenario to villainize the unwilling
    participant . Then tell us through the media they will place more security
    to compensate the new threat. This has been prophesied in lesser terms
    throughout revelations.The antichrist ( Obama ) has and is getting
    everything in place for martial law. While everyone is afraid and starving
    he will start off judgement day by gathering christians and killing them
    and torchering them into denying our Lord Jesus Christ is the son of God.
    When he believes nothing can stand in his way he will show his true form.
    That’s when God is going to show up and walk up and down his monkey ass. 

  5. Why aren’t we secretly killing off white supremaist? Throughout history
    they’ve caused some of the most horrible murders. 

  6. What about the “fake jealousy” section of Religion could have been there
    for Kane from HUD Buffalo NY and so drugs in food/drink were taking her out
    of the churches for good in 1990-93 and due to being too dumb due to
    injuries granted & much was aligned up with my church going (or all), no
    mercy except Pope who did extend if I could have known the exact thing
    needed at the time(s) and as I was an adult when I was around & found the
    area to be ‘strange’ and later it was they were stealing my
    religion/becoming radically Mrder&War, I was called a prophet or had a
    prophecy spoken of her (me) in 1992 & working full-time federal job and for
    5 yrs with good standing & yet no doctors could diagnose the drugs in
    food/drink and the subsequent heart attacks that were occurring for 2 1/2
    yrs in the middle of sleep or 12 hours after I last drank /ate ?
    who could have imagined that some went to ‘go help other countries and
    defect to a 3rd’…or they became treason Americans w/the money here/jobs
    with Fed HUD and/or banking and then went to foreign countries & were high
    and then defected to a 3rd …so that the 3rd country could have a new land
    or land back like in Ukraine-to-Russia relationship…
    Was Laura & George Bush jealous of my religion too? and is that why there
    was a drugging of 2 of us from HUD, “that time” and it included she …and
    then she with her husband were somehow in Russia & televised from
    ‘someone’s phone-cam’ ? funny woman standing behind my uncle & his wife &
    kid and she being a foreign spy from Russia & old elementary school friend
    of mine…was hesitant to say who she was in ‘that library or college
    setting picture’. ! 🙂 smile.

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