No Apple Watches or Fitbits Kelly tells West Wing staff

No Apple Watches or Fitbits Kelly tells West Wing staff as full details of anti-leaking cell phone purge are revealed.
Chief of Staff John Kelly’s electronics ban goes even further than anticipated, as West Wing staffers will be barred from bringing ‘any portable device that emits an electric signal’ to work.

ABC News received a copy of an internal memo sent to staff from Kelly on Wednesday, which indicated that personal cell phones would be banned come January 16, but also laptops, smartwatches – like the Apple Watch or Fitbit – and ‘devices with WiFi, Bluetooth, radio or cellular capabilities.’ 

All employees electronics equipment must be issued by the White House Communications Agency, or else, the memo warned. 

‘Violations of this policy by EOP staff are security incidents that may indicate knowing, willful, or negligent conduct in violation of security policy and may therefore result in disciplinary action and, for other Federal employees and visitors, may include being indefinitely prohibited from entering the White House complex,’ the memo said.

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