NHL Reaches Milestone Supporting LGBT Rights

The NHL is the first major league sport to have players from every team voice support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender rights. Together with the You Can Play Project, college sports…


  1. ?
    What gives you the right to push your sexuality into my face?, can’t you
    just be gay without wearing purple feathers & sticking a lit roman candle
    in your ass?

    Why am I constantly bombarded with your sexual issues? 

  2. It’s cool that celebrities are doing this…what is sad is that the
    ‘American Public of Stupid’ requires celebrities to help them form their
    belief systems. They require their churches to say, ‘God don’t mind…why
    dost thou?’ They require a lot of money to be wasted on advertising to
    interrupt their NASCAR races because for a lot of Americans, who won the
    race is the most important event of the past year. Down below is +
    IronicallyVague , stating that he is “constantly bombarded” with people’s
    “sexual issues.” What do you think you’re doing reading, IV? Go back to
    your television, finish your beers, bash on homos, love on George HW, and
    go to bed when your race is over…maybe go buy some Duck Dynasty shit from
    Wal-Mart once your hangover wears off.

    Stereotype much?

    +keggerous : you are an idiot. You are a disgrace to humanity. Go watch
    Duck Dynasty with your inbred cousin-brother above and leave people alone
    who do not deserve to be bashed by your inconsiderate idiocy. 

  3. It’s beautiful to see stuff like this in places you didn’t expect yet to be
    possible. I’m straight but obviously support full rights for lgbt as their
    love or lives aren’t any lesser than mine. Good for America, good for the
    NHL and Athletics in general as those are the values we should stand for.

  4. Craving some hairy guy’s raunchy rectum, when you could have the nature-
    approved lovely Vagina,is sick! The average person instinctively knows
    this, but is vilified for acknowledging the obvious.

  5. Now that it has become marinated in politics,professional sports interests
    me less & less.Don’t need it.

  6. So one open gay joins the NFL and now we have to deal with this . . . News
    flash faggots. We don’t care what you do in the bed room. Now play the
    sport and stfu . . .

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