NewsTeam: MH17 tragedy brings back Ukraine to headlines (E30)

Seven RT correspondents. Seven of the biggest news stories around the world. In News Team, an award-winning documentary crew traverses the globe, keeping up with the channel’s leading reporters…


  1. Oh RT how desperate are we to keep this old news in circulation. Yes we get
    it a plane crashed and oh! Your little Russian theory of a Ukrainian jet
    shooting it down was proved wrong by Amsterdam. So keep crying & scotland
    remains with the UK so I’m sorry since you guys made a lot of effort making
    a big deal out of it.

  2. MH17 plane tragedy is a fault of Nazis that shooting at everyone everywhere
    even to the civilians!

  3. Look at what you did PUtin the whole world knows you did this and you
    wonder why people are against PUtin and his thugs in Moscow smh.#PUtin
    hates world peace

  4. The current silence on MH17 truth is deafening and speaks louder than
    words….obviously the truth doesnt fit into the western narrative…

  5. What is the cause of the MH-17 crashing ??? Answer bullet from a 30 mm
    caliber machine gun. The only Ukrainian aircraft that use that super large
    caliber is the SU-25, a ground attack aircraft. This is to destroy tank,
    it’s unnecessary powerful for fling aircraft. MIG-29 and SU-27 fighter
    aircraft use smaller 23mm caliber at a higher firing rate, and they can
    carry more ammunition.

    Was it a missile that struck MH-17? answer; *NO* either the intended ground
    missile or the missile launch from the two Ukrainian SU-25 in the area miss
    or didn’t explode. Shortly after, the tsunami of Western propaganda
    clearly show that the event was staged well in advance.

    Why can we be sure that there was an intended missile to be launched at
    MH-17? Because of the tsunami of propaganda mention above an most
    importantly because the airplane did crash closer to the Russian border,
    but still on inside Ukrainian border. This fact need to be analyse further.
    The chain of event explain this unnoted element of information. The order
    to launch the missile was given either from ground or air, but since it
    didn’t work, before the order to shout down MH-17 was given with
    conventional bullet, the airplane was almost outside Ukrainian airspace.
    That was a decision of last resort for aa already very botched job. 

  6. I couldn’t help but notice that this documentary would not mention anything
    about former RT reporter Sara Firth who quit RT because she said RT was
    very bias one sided on reporting on the MH17 cashing. I guess it doesn’t
    fit in the Kremlin’s narrative.

  7. MH-17 was intentionally directed to cruise over E Ukraine by ATC, air
    traffic control of Ukraine which is conspired with the US, backed by the US
    to let the Pro-Russians in E Ukraine shoot it. It’s a usual dirty
    conspiracy the US always use to create a conflict for its benefits. For
    MH-17 there is no rational reason to cruise over that airspace over E
    Ukraine. It’s not even a shortcut, it’s actually a detour no airline would
    take that detoured course unless it’s directed by local official ATC.
    Incidentally the westerlies on July 17th did never blew over that airspace
    so there is no rational reason for MH-17 to cruise over that airspace on
    July 17th. Just in case if you don’t understand what does the westerlies
    have something to do with it, an airplane cruising like altitude 35,000ft
    can cruise approximately 100 to 200 knots faster if it gets on the
    westerlies, the tailwind for an airplane heading to east from west so even
    it’s actually a detour many airlines would take that course. 

  8. Чёрные ящики наверняка расшифровали за один день… но вот уже два месяца
    не могут решиться рассказать правду. 

  9. 卐 卍 KIEV’S MH17 FALSE FLAG! “HAHAHAHAHAHA” MH17.The False Flag That
    OVER. The Demons Now Die! 卐 卍

  10. I think if conventional war were to break out today, the USA would
    definitely lose but it would not be an overwhelming defeat. Murica
    currently has two fronts of war the Mid East and Ukraine/Europe/Russia. If
    China gets involved that is 3 fronts of war. There is also the asymmetric
    fronts of war the most important being the economy. The only reason Murica
    has its gargantuan rampaging military is because of the economic support of
    China. Obviously, expect that to stop in a war. The EuroPeons can’t hope to
    replace China to prop up Murica. The EU is in terrible economic shape and
    is a failed union in many respects. If the EU can’t support Murica
    economically, they obviously can’t afford to do so militarily.
    Murica really is in over its head but in the capitalists mind their
    thinking is we’re going to end up poor anyways (to the capitalist, being
    poor is equal to death) so we might as well destroy as much as the rest of
    the world as we can. After all, it’s not even us that have to pay the
    price. It’s the poor, stupid, brainwashed little people that will suffer
    not us.

  11. Только родственникам погибших пассажиров нет дела до западной пропаганды.
    Некоторые из них слишком сильно любили своих близких, чтобы пойти наперекор
    своей совести. В Германии уже готовят иск против Украины. 

  12. So the russian people are marching in moscow and other cities in opposition
    to the war. What war? asked putin. The guy is fucking delusional

  13. Demonstrations in Moscow over Ukraine show that democracy is alive and well
    in Russia; while democracy is dead in the police state that is USA

  14. Protests in Russia againt Putin and some titles around the World :
    “Thousands of Russians protest in Moscow over Kremlin role in
    Ukraine”…”Putin to stop meddling in Ukraine’s internal affairs”…”No to
    war”…”Putin, stop lying”
    RT title : “Moscow sees thousands march for peace in eastern
    Ukraine”…..How simple words can change complete complex meaning of some
    event. You must love Kremlin. Famous Russian writer was one wrote : “There
    is no propaganda such as Russian ( Soviet ) propaganda”.

  15. The whole World know that pro-russia “rebels” are behind the attack on
    MH17, and no Kremlin propaganda can change that.

  16. To date, the information from the black box has not been revealed. Who has
    the black box? Britan, or Brussels? What is the holdup? What information
    is so controversial? Does the information point to the nazi kiev killers,
    who are backed by the US/EU/NATO perverts? 

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