[News] FTW: Portland State University President champions free speech on campus

Its Portland State University President Wim Wiewel’s last year running the show, so he does the neigh unthinkable in this day and age of Higher Learning. He states that Free Speech of all kind will be allowed on campus, and even (IMHO) challenges Donald Trump supporters to hold a rally advocating for building the wall.

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  1. The university President mentions reporting if discriminated against. I wonder if PSU will acknowledge discrimination based on political party. He's saying you can report ethnic or religious discrimination but I suspect the bulk of the attacks will be liberals going after conservatives for being Trump supporters, against illegal immigration or against radical islam. What would constitute as discrimination against conservatives short of their opponents actually assaulting them physically or perhaps destroying their signs etc. In other words, based on the President's wording, it seems like it will be much easier to build a case of discrimination against conservatives rather than against the SJW crowd.

  2. haha oh shit well hopefully this professor or pricipal at this College university is legit saying that he wants equality for students other other races and backrounds and not just another old ass racists white piece of shitsttain cocksucking asshole that doublecrosses those minorities XD Especially with an epic ass badass sounding hollywoold actor name like "vin diseal "

  3. It's not the first time a university president has said this, just last week Calgary's Mount Royal university president reaffirmed free speech in response to that MAGA hat thing. There have been many others too, like University of Chicago.

  4. "I ask that you be respectful"

    Social justice losers wouldn't know what respect is if it walked up to them slapped them in the face with a wet fish then shoved a rattlesnake down their pants.

  5. I think some enterprising student should sell popcorn for those who want to watch the debates that start because of this. Think of the money that could be made!!!

  6. the education systems of all countries need more people like him running them.
    there is nothing wrong with a wall it keeps your people and stuff safer.

  7. This man is in such fuck it territory he pretty much covered the campus in gasoline, threw a lit match behind him, and did not look at the explosion. And it's beautiful.

  8. The office of global diversity and inclusion… what the hell is that? the inclusion part makes me laugh, sounds like it is the people you speak to when the other kids on the playground don't want to play with you and you want to force them to.

  9. This seems like the sort of thing a "rational" minded person posts when they get sick and tired of all the "irrational" people trying to bludgeon others into submission with their "rights." Pretty much, this is him going… I'm so tired of this bullshit, you know what, you're right, you have rights, but so does everyone else, so let's elevate this crap to a free-for-all.

  10. This is in the university's best interest as well. Just look what happened in the aftermath of Mizzou's spineless actions. The vast majority of people are rather sane and against crap like what the campus crazies peddle. Unfortunately the crazies are also the loudest.

  11. The SJW are going to go blitzkrieg to call him a alt-right for doing this. IT'S FUCKING WORTH IT!!! Let's hope others follow in order to end the bullshit of the SJW.

  12. LOL I went to Portland Community College for a few semesters recently, great courses, great teachers(mostly), but shit SJW atmosphere.

  13. I think the idea of colleges and universities pushing back to protect free speech is great, and I think we have so far to go.
    What I'd eventually like to see is more enforcement on the federal level, mandating, to a certain extent, that free speech be always allowed across all campuses, while at the same time forcing colleges to open their views on certain social issues, like the transgender movement, etc.

    Personally, I'm a libertarian at heart. I tend to be socially liberal, and financially-conservative. Less federal government involvement, etc, but I believe our constitution is key to our society, with free speech being the most important component.

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