New Mexico police charged with murdering homeless man

Authorities are charging two Albuquerque, NM police officers with murder for shooting and killing a camping homeless man in March of 2014. In addition to a body cam’s video of the incident,…


  1. take away “their” guns!!! let them have a baton ONLY! give a firearm to
    sgts, only, and put the burden of proof back on them, as it should be! it
    used to be when a cop fired his weapon, it was up to HIM/THEM to PROVE they
    were in fear for their life! also these guys are a bunch of Rambo wanna
    be’s. the Chp, now refers to themselves on their own website as a
    “para-military force”! and that’s how they see themselves, and they see us,
    all of us, whether a “dangerous criminal”, or granny, or little Johnny, we
    are all their “enemy”

  2. JUSTICE……WTF. I thought that wasn’t part of U.S. law. I thought cops
    could shoot who ever that want. This is some strange twilight zone X-files

  3. Listen, the cameras are a step in the right direction but not nearly even a
    quarter of the solution. The problem as I see it is that to many cops are
    way to aggressive in situations where they clearly have a suspect
    outnumbered and outgunned. I mean honestly, how many men with automatic
    weapons does it take to control 1 homeless man.

    Not all cops are bad but not all cops are intelligent enough to even be
    cops. The way I see it, if you can’t quickly come up with 10 or more
    solutions to 10 or more possible problems in a conflict that don’t involve
    taking a suspects life you shouldn’t be a cop. Things don’t always go
    according to the plan but the default mode for seemingly 90% or more of
    cops is shoot first then sort it out later.

    Respectfully, a concerned American citizen.

  4. OMG. I can hear Al Sharpton now. White cops shoots white man and is
    charged with murder. White cops shoots black man…cops walk free!
    Clearly this is murder, as opposed to the thugs gunned down in the
    streets! BTW people ALL LIVES MATTER… not just blacks….ALL regardless
    of skin color!

  5. Do any of you actually believe that IF these cops go on trail, which I
    doubt that in the first place, that a jury will find them guilty?? Because
    I dont. The cops that beat Kelly Thomas to death didnt go to jail. So why
    will these cops go to jail??

    GOING TO THE CLINK! P.S. dont drop the soap biatch!

  7. The problem is the whole cop culture and mindset. They have forgotten long
    ago who they work for and that their job is to protect and serve. Their
    sole function is to protect citizens rights and liberty. They have
    abandoned their mandate and oath’s and embraced the power of the deep

  8. It’s about time somebody is going to get in trouble for this kind of
    shenanigans you can’t just kill people for camping what the f*** is wrong
    with you f****** cops you get exactly what you’re going to deserve justice
    on a cold plate serve to you how you like your boys turn your guns in your
    badges in because you’re going to f*** in the pokey but you’re going to get
    poked in the ass when you need to be f*** these two cops murdering f******
    bastards killing them and they all his family money these f****** cops are
    a disgrace to America on video you can hear I’m f****** bragging about it
    in a murder somebody shoot him without what you guys were called to do you
    protect and serve you are not the masters of the people we are the masters
    of you by the people for the people of the people we will punish all
    criminals .

  9. Its about time the Albuquerque PD is reigned in. Whether convicted of
    murder or manslaughter it sends a message that this trigger happy killing
    of Americans with impunity stops. Let us hope an example is made of
    sufficient magnitude to dissuade future recurrences of this kind of
    reckless and improper behavior. All life is important, even those of the
    homeless and down trodden. 

  10. Cold blooded murder plain and simple. They shot the guy right in the back
    as he was turning around to lay on the ground. Not to mention he was
    picking up his stuff and coming down off the mountain before they provoked
    him with the not needed flash bang… Rot in Hell you corrupt trigger happy

  11. Charged, but not convicted. You can’t put cops in regular prison. The get
    to go to federal prisons, with tennis courts, and decent food.

  12. Look at the system try to protect itself. This case took years when it
    should have been no less than 3 days. Cop defenders, the 5 percent
    Neanderthal DNA people seem to love chaos and Nazism. 

  13. Its about damn time cops get held accountable for their crimes.ive been all
    over this case and all cops invovled have no care for human was
    dead n they still bean bagged his back n let the k9 bite his ass . Sick
    sick sick.hope they fry. 

  14. A rare occasion indeed. Gonna keep my eye on this one to see if it’s a fair
    and open event or one with any hi-jinx..

    Just because most people are ‘lay-folk’ doesnt mean they (we) are beyond
    being able to reasonably interpret what we see. Every time I watched that
    footage it was clear that there was no way that fella was coming out of
    there alive. Those cops were itching to put a carcass in a body bag, they
    were just set on using ‘procedure’ to cover and protect their actions.

    Even if he resisted, there was no reason why he should die for
    callously and indifferently.

  15. Death sentence for illegal camping…

    Down on your luck? Broke? Need to sleep somewhere?

    The gov’t will kill you if you don’t work 90 hours a week and pay the
    corporations 90% of your “compensation” just to survive on this planet.

    Mortgage debt-corporation
    Auto debt-corporation
    Electric bill- corp.
    Student loan debt- corp.
    Phone bill-corp.
    Credit card debt- corp.
    Internet- corp.
    Gas -corp.
    Insurance -corp.

    Catching on yet?

  16. I wonder if the 2 pig assassinations had any impact on the decision to go
    ahead with this officer ;P
    assassinations still work… when nothing else does

  17. How much effort has gone into just getting these attack dogs just charged.
    This is only one of many cases that should be addressed. Giving psychopath
    Neanderthals a badge and gun to suppress the public ( while calling that
    policing ) is going to produce the results we see. Not rocket science. 

  18. he went in to a die or fight state when te gass was fired. he was acking on
    selfdefence. even if there cops trying to kill u. u have the right to kill

  19. AWESOME! Hopefully this is the beginning of a trend. We need to start
    prosecuting these psychopaths en masse.

  20. The only lunatics in this video are those murdering cops!!!
    Please update us with photos of them all behind bars!!! Thanks!

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