New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debate 2016 – analysis

New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debate 2016 – analysis

Today is Sunday 7th February 2016 and we are going to briefly address the results of yesterdays New Hampshire Republican Presidential debate.
One commentator (Anthony Zurcher for the BBC) described yesterday’s debate “like the final act of a horror film. The monster had already eaten half the teens at the summer camp, and those left were wondering who was next to go. Some of the candidates seemed like they were ready to fight. Some of them looked like they wanted to hide or run, and Ben Carson acted like he didn’t care whether the monster got him or not.”

Let’s make no mistake, the 3 people who are the individuals to watch are Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. At this stage, Trump is unassailable unless he does or says something truly stupid and he avoided this during the debate, to such as extent, apart from a brief contra taunt with Jeb Bush over eminent domain (compulsory purchases by the state), he was almost marginalised. Ted Cruz knows that he only has to perform moderately well here after his success in Iowa and to some degree avoided many skirmishes and apologised to Ben Carson for the antics his team carried out in Iowa.

Our take on the events last night was that Christie delivered the most powerful punches, and Bush showed himself to be tougher than many thought. Nevertheless, Trump, though embarrassed a little by the audience booing, gave little ground and is still likely to come in at number one. Cruz embarrassed over the Iowa debacle will probably lose votes here but will still probably come in second or third. Rubio was bloodied, however we still see him near the top. Christie may be the surprise beneficiary, but overall we feel, unless there is an absolute surprise in New Hampshire, the top 3 still remain; Trump, Cruz and Rubio.

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