New Black Panther Party Wants to Arm Every US Black Male

Make Sure to Subscribe to the New J.KNIGHT Channel: Around 40 New Black Panther Party members took to the streets of Austin, Texas.


  1. Police didnt just shot black or African American I don’t even know what
    more racist sorry for that but the shot 2 Mexicans in Arizona 

  2. The truth. The NBPP is Communist/CIA financed – and we know why. Most black
    males will not sacrifice ‘stuff’ for a firearm – especially a rifle. Will
    not train, will not prep, will not admit the freedoms we seek are
    integrally tied to the Constitution, nor ever read the Constitution In
    fact, the NBPP is never mentioned in everyday ordinary conversation, ever.
    Or at least at the frequency of a convo about celebrity scandal or sports.
    I could be wrong, but let’s see how my comments get trolled out by
    ‘flowery’, clichéd commentary by real ‘thinkers’. Personally, I can’t wait
    for famine to wipe away the remaining effluvia of the Piscean age, save the
    teachings of the Master. 

  3. Whats funny is OCT tried to get black communities on board with their
    cause. The race pimps came out and told them to get their cracker asses
    out of their neighborhood. Then started their own thing. That’s fine.
    But time and time again I am reminded that blacks want nothing to do with
    the rest of us. I got the message and moving on.

    But more importantly heading to SXSW on Friday. YIPPY!!!

  4. If they armed every black male then there would be half as many in two
    weeks. Not because of whites or cops either…

  5. Why do they have to bring race into it? Can you not just boil it down and
    just go after the ones doing all this shit and leave normal people out of
    it? Go fight your little war and let people who are advanced enough to know
    what the outcome will be to just stay the fuck out of it.

  6. Arm any citizen who is deemed fit under Constitutional Law….No criminal,
    health, or a few other extreme cases…. But make those appropriate their
    choice…. criminals will find guns even under disarmament …. that is why
    we have 2nd ammendment. … go dahboo. .. you know this,,, just testing the
    moron computer bot trolls…. declassified that comment sections are
    hoarded by taxpayer funding to target the TRUE ideals of this country
    called AMERICA! !!,,, people like Dahboo have been true patriots….

  7. It’s true Dahboo and i am Mexican,i think being part of a group only causes
    division if only they had a killuminati truth movement where all races can

  8. This is great, no government should take away any peoples rights. Its up to
    us as Americans to arm ourselves and exercise our 2nd amendment!

  9. I guess when 2 black males killed my great uncle for only 40 dollars in his
    pocket they stole they dont care he was 80 years old and they didnt go to

  10. Hey You, don’t tell me there’s no hope at all,
    -Roger Waters

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