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  1. 1. Sam, where do you get those fabulous cat shirts?
    2. Where are Sam, and Reina’s, posters?
    3. How are babies made?
    4. Was 9/11 an inside job?
    5. Can you be a Nymphomaniac, if you’ve never had sex?
    Thank you. 

  2. I love in the heights! I haven’t actually seen that many musicals but I
    really liked that one. I even have the soundtrack on CD 🙂 The music is
    really good!

  3. Am i the only one who got a little annoyed they wore the sunglasses
    throughout the Table Talk… I like seeing all of your beautiful faces. I
    love yo faces.

  4. Last time I cried was either when Joe left or the Lip Sync Battle Between
    Will Ferrell and Kevin Heart. Depends if you wanted tears of joy or tears
    of sadness. 

  5. I can lucid dream . I’ve run out of ideas for dreams and i usually stick to
    the classics of dreams like superpowers or being the protagonist in a show.

  6. I almost never remember my dreams. When I do I still forget them pretty
    fast. My most vivid dream, the one I still remember, was from a few months
    ago. I was sitting on the toilet at work, taking a shit. I stood up and
    wiped my ass. I kept wiping and kept wiping for what felt like hours, but
    the paper never came back clean. Then I just woke up. That was it.

  7. I also can make myself cry. Well not full blown cry but tear up and maybe
    get one or two beads of tears dropping down. The key for me is just
    focusing on not blinking but moving your eyes around like you’re looking
    for something. It’s especially effective if I’m delivering a memorized
    monologue and the person I’m talking to doesn’t expect it.

  8. When i dream about the zombie apocalypse everyone ends up dying because
    they refuse to take things seriously. I am memorizing every place where i
    can find food if i have to abandon my house and resting inside of a box in
    case that a zombie runs inside of the house so he cant see me, but everyone
    else is like “i want to go visit that person”, then they leave the safe
    house and walk down the street like nothing and get out of view, after
    that, i see someone or something running in the distance to their
    direction and suddenly i just hear silence, not footsteps or screams, just
    silence ._.
    And in this dream i carry a very unpractical rifle, keeping the ammo inside
    of a Ziploc bag filled with sandwiches and Doritos, and a weapon/tool i
    made to break things like doors and barricades, to help people escape from
    their collapsed houses… and when i do that, nobody thanks me ._.

  9. I have that dream where you cant move and stuff that people like to talk
    about (sleep paralysis?) CONSTANTLY, it fucking sucks because I can really
    open my eyes in the dream or get up and it keeps happening and I keep
    thinking I am awake but I am not so I tried to go back to sleep in the
    dream and then it happens again… It just sucks

  10. OMG SAM WAS IN THE DROWSY CHAPERONE?!?!?!?!?! My school did it for my grade
    12 musical, and I was almost Janet Van Degraff!! (The lead girl) It’s
    honestly the funniest play I’ve ever done/seen.

  11. I think the last time I cried was when I was watching an episode of Your
    Lie In April, because that show cuts me real deeeep.

  12. I don’t think I’ve ever felt happy in a dream. I usually an trying to do
    something and having all kinds of random stuff getting in my way. I have
    had several dreams where I meet the girl of my dreams and spend the whole
    dream trying to get her to like me.
    I also have dreams where the dream seems like a movie because the dream
    plays twice. It’s really weird, the whole storyline of the dream happens
    and then stars over again and I kinda know what’s going to happen but it
    seems like there are more scenes the second time. It’s kinda like the
    second time I’m in a longer more drawn out version of the first part of the
    dream and I never really make it back to the part of the dream that I liked
    the first time.

  13. Ive been in Grease and West Side Story, at my school when exams roll
    around, instead of doing a written exam we do a play at the end of the
    semester and those were what I did in grade 10 and 11

  14. Last time I cried actually links in with the worst landlord I ever had! It
    was my final year in uni and we were all done, I headed back to my uni
    house to pack the rest of my stuff. Got back to discover that my landlord
    had given the builders he had hired to do some work access to the house
    early. They had taken everything I hadn’t packed such as games consoles,
    games, all the alcohol and food etc. Also noticed at this time that the
    right side of my face was lacking in movement! So at the same time I was
    contacting my landlord, who totally denied it I was diagnosed with Bells
    Palsy and had to graduate with a droopy face. Safe to say when I got home
    and went to see my sisters, I cried my eyes out. Plus side, I owed my
    landlord rent that I never gave him and used it to replace some of the
    stolen items. 

  15. I might get a lot of flack for this, I don’t like musicals as a rule. I
    did, however, very much enjoy Sweeney Todd. It appeals to my macabre side. 

  16. I have such a lame answer: the last time I cried was when I saw Leonardo Da
    Vinci’s Madonna of the Rocks. I realised that I would never be able to
    produce something like it, and it made me emotional.

  17. I used to live in a apartment that ended up having bed bugs that we found
    out came from something in the Attic and our landlord was horrible they
    blamed us and the people across the hall when u can see where there coming
    from we lost 3 beds a sofa and couch and had to spend so much money trying
    to get rid of them from all our belongings. Since they wouldn’t do anything
    we gave our notice that where leaving to which they were so mean about so
    we ended up rush moving in one day with our small car to avoid them. I also
    then lost a really nice art table. 

  18. Last time i can remember that i cried was a day or 2 after my Grandfathers
    funeral. I had help organize all the funeral arrangements and the wake
    after and had to meet everyone and make sure everything went smoothly and
    be there for my mother (who was mourning the loss of her father) and my
    Grandmother who obviously was upset at losing her husband. I had no time to
    grieve for myself until a day or so after when i was walking in town
    listening to a band called Anathema (the song was Internal Landscapes) and
    it suddenly hit me. As soon as i got home i just broke down in tears but it
    felt good to let go of that emotion. 

  19. Once in a while I’ll have dreams that I remember. I don’t just mean
    recurring, like I’ll wake up in this dream world and be like like, “Oh, I’m
    here. Ok” and just continue on from whatever I did last time I was there.
    I’ll even have deja vu about parts that I’ve already been through, like I’m
    recapping what went down before. I think the worst thing for me, is vaguely
    remembering those dreams. I have on many occasions woken up crying, or
    completely pissed off, anxious, etc. but I can’t quite remember why, but
    for some reason it ruins my whole day lol…

    It is incredibly good, really. Listen to the soundtrack; “Blackout”,
    “96,000”, “Inutil” — all amazing.
    It references cultural icons (LoTR, Its a Wonderful Life) throughout the
    musical at perfect times while having a great story— it is crazy good.
    Please, go and listen to the soundtrack – it is insane.

    Sam, I love you.

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