More Helicopters Flying Low Over Residential Areas In PA and Boston Area These sightings of helicopters are almost daily now. People are reporting seeing helicopters in areas they have never seen them before in 30 years. Lots of reports…


  1. One of your “subscribers” Booboo, not “followers”, that insinuates that
    you are some kind of leader. Personally I wouldn’t follow you through a
    field of tulips, but that’s just me. You have subscribers, not
    followers. Otherwise, some good footage.

  2. I have a fuckin video just like that on my channel! I’m like I never seen
    or heard these helicopters before. It was 3 of them in a triangular

  3. Here in Eau Claire Wisconsin I’ve seen guys in full camo and heavy packs
    running along our river trails. I asked two of them what it was about, one
    said, “Can’t say.” the other said, ‘Can’t talk.” Has anybody else seen

  4. well i live in grand prairie, tx last month 5 blue helicopters flew over my
    home it was in the evening.

  5. i think they’re preparing for what “cerns” doing….maybe divide america
    with earthquakes, just a thought. or..a planet. hmm another thought. either
    way martial law

  6. Glad you’ve been sharing videos lately Dahboo. I think it adds a great
    level of detail to your broadcast. I live in Lawrence Indiana and there is
    a helicopter flying around nearly every night now. This is a relatively new
    development. It seems to be solo, but it is always out late at night. It’s
    flying over areas with very low crime, so the only potential crime is what
    it may be doing.

  7. +DAHBOO777 have you heard anything from anyone that is in or works closely
    with the military? I mean youd think they would be the first to say that
    all this off base training is out of the ordinary, you know? Its the same
    up here in Canada lots of movement but very little voices. That what makes
    it so creepy. 

  8. The last one I saw was a week ago and I was in my car, the Apache was low
    flying directly over the Silver Memorial Bridge (Point Pleasant,WV) headed
    towards Ohio. It was following the Kanauga River (West Virginia side) then
    went straight as if it were headed towards Columbus Ohio following rt 35 w.
    These exercises are NOT just in 10 southern states, they are prepping here
    too. I’m going to drive to the nearest National Guard Armory and see if
    anything has changed, last time I was there it was a ghost town with only
    generators in the outside storage.

  9. My house got buzzed at very low altitude by what appeared to be some form
    of Apache helicopter in South Texas. This isn’t too unusual considering my
    close proximity to military bases. However I’ve never seen one that low
    over a residential area, excluding coast guard and DEA helicopters.

  10. I told you about the cargo planes and choppers flying over my home in rural
    central pa a couple weeks ago and they are flying low to avoid radar

  11. Wow dude we had a helicopter come over a few minutes ago. It said life
    flight on the side but I think it was the MIB. We had 7 yesterday and it
    might be because there’s a air port 3 miles away. 

  12. First set of helo’s were scouts and the 2nd set were apace gun ships and
    the plane was an A-10 those are all apart of a reconnaissance and logistic

  13. we had helicopters severl times a year fly over my huose a nd turn and
    search my field, now the last couple of years it stopped, and we have
    thought we have now been seeing drones. i doubt they are getting any one
    used to anything, they are on a misson

  14. We get up to 12-14 of these flying over in one day here in SW Arizona. And
    almost every week they fly over low under the radar and sometimes at high
    altitudes over residential areas.
    We see apaches, the big gun helicopters, and the carriers.
    Maybe they are trying to use up their budgets by just doing aimless flying.
    Then they try and get more money each year.
    I don’t know?

  15. I live next to dfw airport and there are Shinook Helicopters flying over my
    neighborhood on the reg now……its a bit freaky. I even saw one at dusk
    that was blacked out with no lights blinking. 

  16. type jade helm in google earth and you get multiple places plotted like
    guantanamo bay, cern, fort carson, georgia guidestones and liberty alliance
    llc a senators name also came up and looked at the webpage and it talks
    about ndaa if anyone gets something different i would be interested in
    knowing what you got.

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