More Attacks Planned While Obama Dances Tango

During a press conference, AG Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey acknowledged a concern that the terrorist attacks in Brussels would inspire copycats. President Obama has a lot on his plate right now, though, guys.

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  1. Wake up! There´s more to life than just sex . If you don´t have anything to say what this video is about, don´t write anything!

  2. Jakari has a great point; I had a girlfriend – she got pregnant with her ex's baby (long story), wanted me to take her to the abortion clinic. I did not. Not going to have a dead baby on my conscience. The kid is in high school now. Thanks me every time I see him…..You can kill as many babies as you want. Not my body – not my problem – not if it's up to me.

  3. Why do I get the feeling that when these politicians say something and people applaud that they are thinking in their minds "What foolish people those are for believing my crap" !

  4. I have insurance, but I will not provide any details on any form, will not provide proof, and I will pay NO penalty tax. The 16th Amendment allows the government to collect taxes on forms of INCOME, and not having insurance is not an INCOME.

  5. Nobody should use the "it's my body" argument regarding anything since we've lost the rights to our own bodies to the governing bodies a long, long time ago. You can legally pour a certain industrial solvent (that happens to be the number 1 cause of death in my country) into your system, but cultivating and consuming a certain medicinal herb, in many cases, will land you more time in jail than rape / child molestation.

  6. It's funny how you guys just bash Obama as if this one guy is root of all your problems? All these corporation, all these elite players, the ones you know and the real world controllers that you don't know, that nobody sees or knows and all you guys do is whine about Obama as if he is really the one shaping events. News flash for you….he isn't. Nor will Trump be the saviour for your country. These guys are just small fish in a pond of fish that people don't even understand. Time to look s little deeper?…

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    ( I can't wait to rub it in these guy's faces when they see a picture of me and you together lol ) Let's go get snow cones or somethin' I live an hour from Austin… I been crushing on that fine #$% for the past 2 years now. ( Sorry for my language lmao, at least it's not as disrespectful or weird as the guy named weapon X (Logan) who said "Best chesticles on Youtube" in the comments below. )

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    ….Or I can just be 17 if you're… Into that sorta thing Wink Wink we can just keep it on the "down low"

  8. Title of this YouTube video is…more attacks planned while Obama dances tango…but the whole video clip was about Obama care….I'm confused….just saying.

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