Moment Israeli airstrike destroys 13-storey residential tower in Gaza City

An Israeli airstrike has destroyed a residential block of flats in Gaza City. The air strike hit a 13-storey residential tower block in the center of Gaza City and there are reports of 13 people…


  1. Very sad! Why can’t Israel just give Palestine their land back (that they
    stole), and be done with it…. I think the UN should sanction and embargo
    Israel militarily, Stop giving them billions worth of weapons every year! 

  2. 1:20 that little girl is lucky her father/husband? is with her otherwise
    the Arabs would be raping her like they do so many White women.

  3. The enemies of the gosepl, the jews pleasing their master satan by spilling
    innocent blood and unleashing hell on the rightful owners of

  4. #Israel testing their new weapons on the #Gaza #Killing #Grounds. This is
    just a sick game for the #psychopath mass #murderer #Netanyahu! He cares
    not for how many humans he kills.

    Netanyahu’s goal is to surpass both #Hitler and #Stalin on the number of
    people killed in the name of #Dementia. Sorry, I meant #Religion.

    Over half a million Palestinians have been killed by Israel in the last 6
    decades. When will the terror end?

  5. For you guys that are deceived. If that land don’t belong to Israel then
    what land did? We know that the Jews had a homeland in the Middle East at
    one point so where is it? The history doesn’t go back until 1947 but many
    many years before that. When the Israelites took the land from the
    Canaanites. Then in 70 A.D. the Jews got scattered by the Romans and Arab
    mercenaries and Rome named the land Palestine. Which means land of the
    Philistines so that the Jews would never have an identity anymore. The
    Philistines don’t exist as a people so stop saying that you guys are the
    original Palestinians. The original land owners were the Canaanites and
    they don’t exist as a people neither. How many times does the word
    Jerusalem appear in the bible? Jerusalem appears in the Jewish Bible 669
    times and Zion (which usually means Jerusalem, sometimes the Land of
    Israel) 154 times, or 823 times in all. The Christian Bible mentions
    Jerusalem 154 times and Zion 7 times. How many time does it appear in the

  6. How many palestinians kids have to die until you *world* will understand
    that Hamas is the cause for their death?

  7. Netanyahu said this will stop Hamas from firing rockets but he’s wrong he’s
    killing men women and children.

  8. Jews like to steal land and destroy peoples property to get it, so why not
    do that to jews the world over?

    Know a jew with a house? smack him in the mouth call him a terrorists, blow
    up his house and just build your own there. Do unto others and all that.

  9. It stuns me how many have fallen for the propaganda that there was ever a
    nation called Palestine, especially one in the proximity of Israel. What a
    great job they have done is rewriting history. Can someone show me the
    Palestinian constitution that existed before the PLO? Maybe the list of
    names of their government before the PLO? History books maybe? Names of
    their cities? You can’t, because it did not exist. It is a fabrication.
    Anyone heard of the 6 day war? Anyone realize how many times the Jews have
    been attacked? Really, stunning how completely people have bought in. 


  11. Some day Israel will get fed up of rockets fired into Israel; and BOOM
    nuclear strike and Gaza will simply cease to exist

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