Minimum wage boosting low-income workers: Puzder

Former CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder on pay rising faster for low income earners than other groups, Chipotle’s health issues and GOP health reform.


  1. 3:45 What does he mean by "refundable tax credits"? Does it mean i will pay full price for insurance for a year and get refunded later… at tax time? i dont understand. The way it is set up with obamacare my insurance was $465/mo one year and $650/mo the next year but with the credit applied immediately i only pay $155/mo. Will this change under this new plan? This concerns me…because i cant afford the regular price and get refunded later.

  2. The Democrats in Congress won't support anything the Republicans want because they don't give a rats behind about the American people, they only care about their own power.

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