Mike Pence vs Joe Biden | 2020 Election Prediction

If Mike Pence is President, how would Joe Biden go against him?

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  1. Good video, but I think you significantly overestimate Pence. First of all, why wouldn't Trump's low approval ratings drag him down?

  2. Why does everyone here still seem to hold this anachronistic love affair with Biden so much? Why is he still so allegedly popular? I don't get this at all!

    Recent revelations have proven to us that we should all know by now that the guy is a totally sexually perverted creep that probably molests little girls behind closed doors.

    Yes, I'm well aware that Pence is a neoconservative religious zealot that has a lot of outrageously unpopular beliefs and ideas with a terrible record on social and domestic policy to boot which in all honesty totally disgusts me, but at least he's not a totally sick fuck like Biden, so between an honest transparent religious nut and a total pervert bordering on criminality I would still gladly take the bible thumping corporate nimrod over Biden's sorry sick ass any day.

    I will never understand how anybody could vote for Biden at this point, just about anybody else including a total idiot like Pence would still be a more preferable choice.

  3. I disagree. Biden would win all the states that Obama won in 2012 (except for maybe Iowa) and he could MAYBE also flip North Carolina and Arizona. Pence definitely wouldn’t win New Hampshire, lol. If Trump didn’t win it, Pence (who’s very religious) couldn’t win it.

  4. Your predictions are usually so good what on earth happened with this video??? I hate Trump in every way possible, but he did have WOW factor and being an outsider really motivated people to vote for him. Pence has none of this, he's just a crazy old fashioned conservative. This would 100% be a Biden landslide. No doubt.

  5. NH I can’t see going for Mike Pence. He’s to conservative and that trump voter would sort of dissipate. Florida is possibly even going to Biden, he appeals to voters of color well and he’s a better candidate with climate and again those trump voters possibly won’t be there in as a large numbers due to their guy not being on the ticket

  6. New hanphire and Maine 2nd district would flip. Trump won because of the businessman factor in the northern states and because Clinton sucked big time. Without trump the northern states would flip back

  7. Any democrat can and will beat Mike pence he's boring and lame I think him or Nikki Haley will be the Hillary Clinton of 2018 especially if democrats nominate a Trump like candidate

  8. Pence isn't like Trump. Pence isn't an outsider like Trump – he's a traditional conservative. Some people who voted for Trump (mainly, swing states voters) won't vote for Pence. Biden would crush Pence.

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