Mike Pence Foolishly Fanned the Flames on Visit to Israel

Vice President Mike Pence recently visited Israel, and after President Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Pence should have toned down his rhetoric… but he didn’t. His visit actually fanned the flames even more, as he announced the U.S. Embassy would move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Additionally, he complimented Israel for being a “vibrant democracy” as they escorted protesters out of the Knesset.

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  1. As an Israeli and a progressive – ewwww. I couldn't bear watching any videos of that sleazy monster come here. What's been going on here has been shameful for years and years. I'm so ashamed this is what we've become.

  2. Mike is just as guilty as Donald the end is coming pretty soon I love Mike's face he tries to be so hard even though we all know he's secretly gay

  3. this place is truly a safe space for idiots. Hey monkey, because everything was just perfect before hand? Thank god your voices don't matter, seriously. Moron, it was in middle of speech.

    Liberalism is truly a form of mental retardation.

  4. Stupid republicans you can't tell another country where there capital can or cannot be the 3 religions claim the cities and most were there long before the Israel was a state now there trying tell others they know best

  5. Members of the Christian Taliban like Pence is, can't have the end of the world come soon enough so they can be united with their imaginary sky dictator. -.-

  6. Mike Pence never had an original thought in his life. He's dedicated himself to kissing ass and faux-religious propaganda. He is the lowest form of life on earth.

  7. they mean it, there will peace because they are ramping up the military's budget in preparation for the coming genocides against those that resist

  8. how was the peace talks 10 years ago, 5 years ago, last year when our embassy was in tel aviv? i know it was a shock that trump did what previous presidents had promised to do, we'll get over it and they will too. hopefully the palistinians will start talks again, if they don't… what's changed?

  9. Sometimes I question whether we're gonna make it 4 years. All I'm saying is Trump better not be 2 term president – and we better not elect a corporate Democrat. We need real change if we're gonna survive as a country.

  10. meanwhile Israelis get $30 billion a year from the USA, funding FREE HEALTH CARE for them….and Death Care for Americans.

  11. bds is a very controversial group but if they are peacefully protesting and not doing things like the dead body harassment thing then fine protest allow them to its their right but once they start crossing lines which they have done before then stop them but right now let them protest. i agree with you that moving jerusalem to be the capital of israel is a terrible idea right now especially with all the tensions

  12. I am surprised that our two countries are not feeling the backlash from the rest of the world. They created more enemies in the world. The world knows the truth now.

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