Mike Huckabee: There’s no evidence that Trump is racist

Trump supporter goes on ‘The Kelly File’ to address ‘birther’ controversy


  1. If you want evidence of Donald Trumps racism you can start with his campaigns connections to the Klan, the alt right, and the white power groups in his rallies.

  2. Mike Fuckabee is a your quintessential politician. Fucking disgusting. Only politican worth his salt is John Kasich.

  3. Everything trump has said and done is based on racism. He and pence spread hate. They don't care. They just want to win. They won't.

  4. I don't mind Trump winning. He'll lower my taxes and crush the underclass that vote for him. And he'll be entertaining. The working poor and middle class who put their faith in him will be crushed however. Will they never learn not to vote against their interests?

  5. Republicans are such idiots. This is the reason minorities will never vote for them. A dying white man's party.

  6. The CBC do not have a "National Plan" of US Black Americans for either Candidate to consider agreeing with and supporting ! Until then, the CBC should sit down! Most US Black American want strong leadership, who will promote our flag of economic equality, governmental contract awards, and any means that will advance the improvement of wealth building for US Black Americans. So far, America do not hear the Leadership for US Black Americans!

  7. Yeah anyone who believes in Border's is somehow Racist..even though the Countries like Mexico enforce their own Border's…Only in America can we be Racist…Can/t wait to Have Trump leading America out of the PC liberal destruction of America…

  8. Oh ya' gotta' love this… an unabashed lover of the KKK states unequivocally that Trump's not racist. Hilarious!

  9. TRUMP 2016

    All Trump did was retweet statistics on black crime from white supremacist twtitter accounts 8 times this year. Fucking PC police aholes…

    TRUMP 2016

  10. Huckabee is a bigger national disgrace than Trump.. He is washed up and finished, as soon as this election is over he would be thrown onto the surplus to requirements file.
    This man has no political relevance whatsoever so holds on to the coattails of someone who in his feeble mind he thinks is.
    This the sad and pathetic fool that linked the Iran deal to the Holocaust, Funny too how he slammed Trump over the McCain remark, but save his hostility for Obama,
    His kissing of Trump's as early as the start of the primaries begs the question whether he was a Trump collaborator all along?
    How does he look himself in the mirror?

  11. There is no evidence that God wants Huckabee to defend fetuses, but he sure does believe that.  I think there are people that believe Trump has serious problems, and we don't have to wait for a conviction to vote our beliefs.  For the record, Huckabee and Ben Carson are the only candidates that are worse than Trump, because they use religion to drive their policies.

  12. Huck is a creep. He was governor one of the poorest states (ARK) in the country. What did he do to help his people? Rip them off in shady deals with big business. He gave them a bible while he stole their money. That Is The GOP/Conservative Strategy.

  13. The birth certificate issue just exposes Trumps stupidity.. Every time a consipiracy theorist trys to convince me that Bush exploded the twin towers or that weve never been to the moon I just think to myself: what a moroon… Trump needs to follow his advisors and stay on message otherwise its gonna become even more obvious that hes as smart as a redneck at a bar spreading hatred and conspiracy theories. His solutions are all extreme and retarded.. I hope he wins.. He represents the avarage stupid American.. Paul Ryan, Kasich are too good for America. We need a retard, cuz that represents us.

  14. Racism: "Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior." How about the judge? The Muslim? The Mexicans? Birtherism? Is Huckabee a Christian? Evidences are everywhere!!!! There is a good reason Paul Ryan did not answer the simple question, "Will you vote for Trump in November?" Clinton is not the best, but haven't heard any Dem outright refuse to vote for her.

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