Mike Brown Shooting, Ferguson Missouri! Loading the body in a SUV

-go here for the attack on protesters and reporters! Ferguson police shot and killed Mike Brown of ferguson. Mr. Brown was walking down the middle…


  1. People just like to be mad at whatever they can be mad at…. If it was a
    unarmed white kid shot by a black cop in this same exact
    neighborhood/community I highly doubt everyone seen in the video would be
    up in arms over it.

  2. If you are solely making this a White vs Black thing your are being
    brainwashed by mainstream media who encourage race bait segregation. When
    will people wake up on both sides of the spectrum that this is about a much
    bigger problem in the U.S. today which is widely being unnoticed, on
    government overreach and a police state. What Cnn, Fox News, MSNBC and
    other government bought off media aren’t showing that all across America
    Whites, & Blacks are marching together against a tyrannical government, an
    oppressive system that we all need to oppose.

  3. thats just freakin crazy police dont haul dead bodies, coroner has to be
    called and doc at hospital pronounces doa, otherwise who signs the
    certificate, sumthin stinks here

  4. THe cops CLEARLY put the sirens on as they are protesting and speaking so
    they don’t have to hear what the people had to say. That poor boy lost his
    life. Was left in the road for hours and for literally no reason.
    Disgusting. (And this is coming from a white woman) UGH.

  5. fuck all des bum ass comments…. most of yall dont even go outside… u
    can never kno bout police brutality… they did the same shit in my city
    cincinnati and we did the same thing… fuck all yallcomments talkin bout
    they tearin down the city and they actin like dis and dat and they some
    animals have of yall sit on ya couch and watch the news and do nothin but
    eat and fart….. shit make a difference…. since cincinnati riots out
    here, aint nobody else done got shot by the police unless they provoked

  6. why did they put him in an suv? Why is it that I have not heard this?

    That is someone important news. You do not move a body in a police suv. At
    least i never heard of it.

  7. I find it funny how people go more crazy and say it is a race card. It
    could be it could not be. Not all white people are racist.

    This is more of the Cop being stupid and being trigger crazy and it is just
    not right that everyone started to say KKK this and that. If you aren’t
    about being racist dont say racist things about a group of people.

    The police officer that shot the man should be removed from his rank and
    put in jail for murder but again that wont happen. Police cover each other

  8. That’s so mess up he was so innocent rip Michael Brown,those cops better
    not kill all those people cuz that will really shows racism still lives on

  9. Not to be insensitive …. But what the hell are all these people doing
    milling about in the middle of the day? DOESNT ANYONE HAVE A JOB?

  10. All you sensitive individuals commenting, *Not all white people*
    No one’s stupid enough to think all white people think the same.
    Just STFU and support the cause, because your white tears won’t make a damn
    difference now if you stop whining and start advocate “Real” equality in a
    God forsaken Country like America.

  11. Look I’m all for justice and I hope they catch this fatass cop and put him
    in jail… but why don’t all these black people get all riled up like this
    even a black gangbabger shoots an innocent young black kid? So it’s OK when
    blacks do it but when fatass white piece of shit cop does it all of a
    sudden you are Martin Luther King and Malcom X all combined into one
    fighting for justice.
    It’s the same thing with the N word… some white guy does it on
    tv…BLASPHEMY! ! but Paul Mooney can say it 1000 times per show and he is
    When you guys start getting as riled up for blacl on black crime as you get
    when there is white on black, then you will be taken seriously by the rest
    of the world. But as long as you keep getting offended by the N word then
    go and listen to your rap and hip hop sayinh the word 10 times per song…
    go cry me a river

  12. poorly paid white police force with inferiority complex take it out on
    visible minorities and vulnerable. Unnecessary shooting. The bald headed
    white police butt prick who jumped out of his car with a gun looked like
    KKK. LOL

  13. This happens every day in other countries, when something like this happens
    in America people try to blame the entire police force in America it was
    one cop don’t get mad at the real cops

  14. ok if i see one more ‘this isnt a race thing’ comment im gonna flip shit.
    even i, a white girl, see that this is pure racism. and these comments
    saying if it was a white kid: listen, white kids wont get shot so easily.
    even the WHITE killer who shot and killed several people in the theatre was
    catched alive. you are the reason why im ashamed to be white smh. 

  15. There is no doubt that Michael was a thief, bully, and thug. He tried to
    bully the wrong person and got his ass killed. Having said that, I do
    believe he tried to get the best of this cop and only ran after he nearly
    got shot once at the police cruiser. Subsequent shots were fired after
    Michael did not follow orders. Here is where it gets to be a problem.
    Apparently Michael finally decides to submit himself with hands up, but the
    officer continued to shoot him, even maybe once in the back of the head.
    This could very easily turn into a murder case. We need to wait on getting
    the facts in this case. I will say that we seem to have a huge problem with
    police brutality in this country. If this officer is found to have murdered
    this boy, I hope he too faces maximum penalty for it. Still, let’s remember
    that Michael was no saint. His lifestyle put him down, and it would have
    happened at the hands of someone else one day. Hopefully this will be a
    lesson for other thugs to wake up and get their act together. 

  16. My Opinion – no one has to agree with it, but it is my opinion – and
    summing it up briefly Michael Brown walking in street – cop hollers ‘get
    on the fucking sidewalk’ starts to drive off Mike comes back with some
    smart answer possibly – but word has it he said ‘I’m almost at my
    destination’ cop throws truck in reverse throws open door and it hits Mike
    – Mike may or may not have thrown door back at cop (I would have ) where
    cops face may have been injured Cop grabs Mike tells him he is going to
    shoot him.. they argue, Mike breaks away and starts to leave.. cop fires
    shots I don’t know which shots were fired when, I believe one was at close
    range, Mike turns, hands UP and lets cop know he is unarmed… shooting
    continues until cops gun is fully unloaded into the body of Mike ending his
    life – not because of any alleged robbery which this officer knew nothing
    about at the time IF it WAS Mike and on the same day this all happened..
    (video date discrepancy) – no paramedic was called to the scene JUST IN
    CASE he was NOT DEAD – No stolen cigars found at the scene (which he most
    likely would have still had on him at this time) no weapon in Mike’s
    possession – just a dying young man laying in the street with no one trying
    to revive him or doing anything other than allowing him to lay and die like
    a stray dog – he lay there for HOURS – yes the people did riot.. and ya
    know what THAT did? right wrong or otherwise.. IT GOT THE ATTENTION OF
    THE WHOLE WORLD – ALL eyes were now on the Ferguson cops.. and this
    situation – no way for this dirty police force to hide it or sweep it under
    the rug.. the FBI and DOJ both called in.. the people made a
    statement.. and it worked.. while Michael will never be back with his
    family and friends, the killing of him will FORCE someone to come in and
    clean up the mess -named the Ferguson Police Dept .. how many other black
    men have been gunned down my the cops for what ever reason? You hear a
    quick clip on the news.. why is this one different? because the people
    RIOTED and This is what brought the news media from all over the
    nation.. was it right? probably not – did it hurt their community? of
    course it did.. Will the cop get away with this without repercussion? I
    Certainly Hope Not.. Did Mike Brown die needlessly? Yes ..Because of
    this terrible unjust death and the reaction from the people.. I hope
    Mike Brown’s death will wake up the nation and clean up the local police
    department in Ferguson.. and possibly other places around the country –
    THIS is 2014 folks.. I remember the riots of the 60’s and 70’s.. time to
    get over the racist thing.. it SHOCKS me.. I live about 60 miles from
    this incident.. BUT born and raised in the Bay Area CA – It never
    occurred to me that in THIS DAY AND AGE white people Still call black
    people “N****S” and other horrid names.. Shame on you all.. grow up.. and
    I think cop badges need to be placed on the chests of those who do NOT
    have the God complex and are NOT racist.. I truly believe Ferguson’s white
    cop Darren Wilson aka ‘Teen Murderer’ suffered from both of these traits.
    Rest in Peace Michael Brown.. you died far too early in your life –
    prayers to the family .

  17. Whats the truth ?
    1) The Young man was walking with his friend and a racist white cop called
    him to the police car and shot him because he was a black kid, then got out
    of his car and shot mim more.
    2) The young man used ‘strong arm tactics’ to rob a liquor store of
    cigars. He was walking with his friend when the cop showed up. The cop
    tried to question the kid and the kid tried to grab the cops gun. The cop
    shot him, then as the kid moves away the cop shots him again.

    Which one do You believe ? .. got the courage to answer ?
    Please stand and deliver..

  18. An officer of 6 years on the force has never had any incidents before and
    all of a sudden he is a racist that has a hunger for killing innocent
    blacks. If he was really a racist and wanted to kill blacks, he wouldn’t do
    it in broad-daylight with multiple witnesses. The man was a 300 lb 6’4″
    gorilla that was attacking him. There was nothing that he could do but
    shoot him. A tazer would stutter him for a second or two but he would come
    back even harder. An officer all by his lonesome in a black neighborhood
    being assaulted by someone twice his size. The ignorant hood rats that are
    participating in these riots are too fucking stupid to look at any of the
    facts and only say that a white police officer shot a black kid that was
    submitting. Total bullshit. Hope these apes start shooting so the police
    can fire back.

  19. “Blacks make up 65% of Ferguson’s population, yet they accounted for 86% of
    traffic stops, 93% of arrests after stops and 92% of searches after stops
    in the city last year, according to a racial profiling report by the
    Missouri attorney general.

    When stopped by police, blacks in Ferguson were twice as likely as whites
    to be arrested — even though police found contraband for 34% of whites
    they stopped and searched, versus 22% of blacks — said Scott Decker, a
    criminologist on a team contracted by the attorney general’s office to
    compile the data.” – LA Times.

    But hey, it’s not a race thing.

  20. When something happens like this, the black public would be calm if the
    white officer was prosecuted like a normal citizen. However, police
    officers get “special” rights in situations which clearly are an overreach
    in their powers, an overreach which often results in murder. Look at the
    situation on Staten Island where the large black man was strangled by a cop
    who put this man in a choke hold. Just be fair. That is all the public is
    asking. However, the cops think if they are fair that their power in the
    community will be diminished. So, they lie and cover-up situations like
    this, never prosecuting their own because such a conviction of murder on a
    police officer would water-down their authoritative edge against citizens,
    often lower-income citizens whom cops like to harass daily. I can still
    remember the 41 shots that it took NYC cops in the murder of Amadou Diallo.
    These cops were acquitted!!! This is ridiculous. The cops always win, even
    when they are wrong, immoral rage freaks with an agenda. Sad. Go Anonymous,
    whomever the hell you are. Anonymous is the only avenue for real justice.
    Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche wrote that, “Justice is revenge.” Someone
    goes out and commits a crime and the state comes against this person,
    seeking revenge. Well, the citizenry should get revenge against the police
    who commit too many murders. If the police who commit murder are not
    punished then there is no symmetry because they (the law) are the only ones
    who get revenge. And, this was murder. It is irrelevant if Michael Brown
    was shoplifting or had reached for the officer’s gun. Does the cop get to
    be the judge in the field, quickly deciding that the death penalty is the
    state’s proportional revenge for shoplifting? Some people here seem to
    think so. The young man was unarmed, on his knees, already shot once, his
    arms raised, shouting, “Don’t shoot!” Yet, he was wasted with SEVEN shots.
    What else is needed to be known? Swiftly convict the cop. Throw his ass in
    prison for life, and the situation is solved. But no, cover it up, lie and
    misinform, keep that authoritative edge over these poor folks so you can go
    out and do it again

  21. Brown was a street thug. He had just robbed a convenience store when he
    was approached by police. He tried to disarmed a police officer and was
    slain. Of course his hands raised from the bullets impact. Naturally, the
    remaining good citizens set fire to the buildings and for good reason; so
    they could see to steal.

  22. This is a human rights and police state issue. If you think it has
    something to do with race then you are just ignorant. This was a human life
    taken with deadly force, period. If this was the wild west that policeman
    would have been strung up and killed for shooting an unarmed man.

  23. ok so…. you can afford tanks, assault rifles, sniper rifles,military
    gorilla warfare gear, but you haul dead bodies off in police SUV’s? money
    headed the wrong way

  24. This is an America problem. White people have been doing shit like this
    since they brought Africans over here. Furthermore, no one asked to come
    here in the first place, and damn-it, it is too late to send us back. So
    America… sleep in your own hard bed…. You made it!

  25. Spread the work to keep handkerchiefs with white vinegar handy. That’s the
    only thing that cuts the effects of the tear gas. Stay strong.

  26. Of course the body is going to be left there. They aren’t allowed to touch
    a dead body until the Crime Scene Unit oks it. Why are people so stupid.

  27. Even if it was Black on Black White one White the execution that was
    performed was excessive and unnecessary Period.. one of the video
    commentators, not on this video, said that the OFFICER stood over the boys
    body and shot him at least 2 more times … What was that for and a head
    shot? Race is defiantly going to be a factor but it shouldn’t be what
    drives this case it should be the excessive force used 

  28. White guy here, Just wanted to chime in and say putting that kids body in
    a police suv instead of an ambulance is suspicious as hell. News isn’t
    reportin that shit!. Thank god for cell phone cameras! 

  29. Damn I hate seeing these videos… Mother fuckers don’t know how to act. Go
    the fuck home… Why you outside acting like fools?

  30. “There is another class of colored people who make a business of keeping
    the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the
    public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their
    troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their
    wrongs – partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some
    of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they
    do not want to lose their jobs.” – Booker T. Washington, 1901 Predicted Al

  31. i really don’t feel any sympathy for these ghetto people, they act and
    behave like assholes most of the time, not to mention being extremely
    annoying and classless. 

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