Middle of the Roader, ObamaCare


My name is Sam Sloan and I am a Democratic candidate for US President.

My parents were born in USA. All four of my grandparents were born here and all but two of my great-grandparents were born in the USA.
My ancestors on both my mother’s and my fathers side fought in the American Revolutionary War. Five of my uncles fought in World War II experiencing the heaviest fighting including the invasion of Iwo Jima, the Battle of the Bulge and the bombing of Japan.
Of my eight children, three are in the military. My daughter served in the US Marines in the War in Iraq. My son is in the US Army and just got back from service in Iraq. My other son is in the US Marines and is just getting ready to be deployed over there.
I am committed to the defense of my country. Should we ever be attacked, my children and I will take our guns down to the beaches of Brooklyn to defend our country against this attack.

However, we will not defend anybody else’s country. I will not send my children and our troops to places whose names we cannot even pronounce. With the exception of a few extreme cases such as South Korea where it is absolutely necessary to keep our troops there, those other countries will have to defend themselves with their own money. I will stop our current policy of droppings bombs all over the world. Right now the Republicans are mostly talking not only about keeping the wars we are already in going, but they want to start a bunch of new wars and drop bombs on Iran, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. One Republican candidate even wants to start a war with Russia.

Domestically, I am a middle of the roader. I will not make major chances in the current situation. I am not an Old Bolshevik but we must reinstate the estate tax. Many voters do not even realize there is no longer an estate tax and as a result the Billionaires like the Bush family get to pass their billionaires down from generation to generation so they never have to work or pay taxes. We should not have a Billionaire class of people who have never either worked nor pay taxes. However, those entrepreneurs who have made their money through new technology such as Gates should be allowed to keep the billions money they have earned.

Adoptee Rights. Every person born here over the age of 21 has a right to their own original birth certificate. An estimated five million people who were born in USA are not being allowed to have their own birth certificate because they were adopted. That will all change.

Drivers Licenses. Everyone who can drive a car safely and prove their identity should be allowed to have a drivers license. This does not confer citizenship or the right to stay in this country. This is just an ID card in case they get in an accident. All those illegals that keep coming over here should be given an ID card after finger printing so we know who they are. This does not confer any rights or save them from deportation.

I will erect a statue in honor of that Great Patriot Edward Snowden.

Sam Sloan

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