Michael Savage interviews VP Mike Pence about Trump’s decision to pull out of Paris climate deal

(aired: 06/02/2017)


  1. If Mike Pence ONLY knew who he was talking to. I bet that the WH knows how to deal with email nutjobs – LOL.

  2. Jobs and the economy are important reasons to reject this terrible treaty. But, to little attention is placed on the how the rejection of this deal empowers industry through competition. A strong competitive environment is the surest why to promote and create clean energy solutions. Competition in the free market will be what brings advancement in clean energy. Thank God for the US and its free market system. It's out greatest hope of humanity. Almost as great as faith itself. Thank you President Trump for your bravery and commitment to the preservation of our political, economic and moral American ideals we cherish. Please continue to stay strong as we need you for the many decisions that need to be made now in order to save our union.

  3. CHOO CHOO THAT TRUMP TRAIN IS STILL MOVING FULL STEAM AHEAD. Thank you Dr. Savage. Thank you VP Pence <3 Have a great weekend everyone.

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