Meth Trafficking Drug Cartels Protected In U.S.

Due to immigration debates and discussions of border security, the DOJ conveniently omits the fact that Mexican drug cartels are kidnapping and torturing people involved in their US based meth…


  1. When Americans are being slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands they will
    have no one to blame but themselves. Not that I am any better than anyone
    else, but it does not take a genius to see where this evil will lead. It
    ALWAYS leads to further death. The question is, who will do the murdering??
    Americans: wake the hell up!

  2. Lol you stupid, dog smelling, crack head Americans are the biggest
    consumers when it comes to drugs. Do t act like you people are surprised to
    hear this

  3. Couple weeks ago, my daughter told me her grades which she did well.
    She has classes like Algebra, Latin, Chemistry. I asked If she learned
    anything this year worth remembering after graduation, she said NOTHING,
    then on second thought, she said she learned how to make meth. Thankfully,
    she has no plans to make a career or hobby out of it.

  4. Me smoked METH just once by accident , me smoked a joint across the street
    at Bar Taboos and a Hot teenage boy got me so stoned to bone me that me
    could not sleep for 3 days

    Yes me almost went nuts , everyone here even me neighbors were concerned ,
    me will never smoke weed again from people me don’t known very well me 🙁

    Sometimes teen age boys me will do anything with them to be cool but
    smoking METH is nuts it made me feel like me could be anything say do
    everything ,, me just hate drugs except weed

    Weed is ok because after 30 minutes you are normal again say me 🙂 

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