Merkel, Obama split on Ukraine crisis solution

German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with President Barack Obama in the White House on Monday, discussing several contentious issues including the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. The two leaders…


  1. The USA brought us Al Qaeda and ISIS with their meddling, perhaps they
    should sit the fuck down and shut up when it comes to assuming they should
    participate in foreign conflict resolution.

  2. Guns don’t kill people. Nazis kill people.
    Send more guns to Ukraine.
    Murica’s duty is to spread the 2nd Amendment world wide!

  3. I bet Obama will walk away from Ukraine if it escalates things with Russia
    once Ukraine has the weapons Obama wants to send them.

    Syrian redline, anyone?

  4. It doesn’t matter what Merkel says. Europe is America’s bitch and they will
    fall in line.

  5. 2 years ago nobody gave a fuck about Ukraine, useless illegal migrant
    nation. good for housemaids and whoring

  6. I think it’s time to get the 45 million people in Ukraine involved, because
    ultimately if separating this country is meant to be, then let them decide.
    Clearly there is a divide and the best solution would be to split the
    country via West Ukraine and East Ukraine or simply put Ukraine and the
    Donetsk People’s Republic. Alternatively, if the Ukraine is in so much debt
    to Russia, then why not sell/trade some of their land to help reduce their
    debt? Because this IS an “European”/Russian issue, it should only be up to
    the Europeans (EU) to make the final call for US aid, regardless if Ukraine
    is a EU member or not. The US must understand that the Russians think
    differently than the west, and a diplomatic solution IS the only solution.

  7. 50 THOUSAND DEAD -“UN” Does NOTHING !!! The “Russian Backed” Dialog -GONE
    The Germans Know “Talk Is Cheap”…Merkel Said: I Don’t Think A Diplomatic
    Solution Is Going To Work – But That’s The Course We’re Gonna Take Anyway!
    Obama Wants To Talk “Presidential” For His Legacy, But It’s All
    Politics…So SAD!!!

  8. Don’t you think that they should have been discussing that huge explosion
    yesterday? What a bunch of fake news. This is just a waste of time.

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