Megyn Kelly Schools Mike Huckabee

In response to Khizr Khan’s speech at the Democratic National Convention criticizing Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims from entering the country, Trump supporter Mike Huckabee simply denied that the GOP presidential nominee ever suggested such a sweeping ban…

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  1. Yea well before this whole daily terrorist action happen these people immigrated to the United States. But as things are right now I don't see how that statement isn't justified. The times have changed and terrorist attacks become from monthly to weekly to daily. In this current situation I highly doubt that people wouldn't be precaution on letting in people from those parts of the countries.

  2. Killery wants a 500℅ increase in the number of refugees (do we really need them? Europe is a disaster and we already have 11 million illegals we have to deal with…)

  3. You also wouldn't have had 9/11 if Trump was POTUS using this logic. Are you saying you wanted 9/11? She said she wanted 9/11, go to print…

    fucking retards and their ass-backwards logic.

  4. Megyn, what happened? You couldn't be developing a conscience in your old age, are you? What's next, RT?

  5. This original video was so good when I saw it I had to like it for Kelly actually called a politcian out on their bullshit!

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