Meet The Female Bodyguards That Protect China’s Elite

“Wearing a form-fitting black leather jacket with studded shoulders, leather pants, and two-inch-high platform boots, Li Wenjing looked more like a B-movie assassin than an undercover bodyguard….


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  2. i’m a woman and i’d much rather have female bodyguards than male. the point
    about not attracting attention is important. also, i dont trust men as
    much. i dont want a bunch of strange men in my house at night. i’d feel
    like i need protection from THEM. 

  3. theyre morons, males have much better sensory powers and are much stronger
    and faster. female fighters are just inferior in very single way when
    compared to male fighters.

  4. Well, a woman can take a bullet just as well as a guy can. All made of the
    same stuff inside. And since China doesnt really give two shits about if a
    few women die, then it works out.

    Got fuck all to do with training. Women are just cheaper.

  5. Cenk got a boner after the idea of the female bodyguards and used the story
    and explanation to make his boner, flaccid. I want to see the Cenk versus
    an MMA fighter girl ..Please!

  6. Look females have a protected status just about anywhere on the planet.
    Using a female bodyguard just makes sense because nobody expects that they
    would be able to fight.

  7. Sorry but if someone is so much bigger than no you can’t beat them. no
    matter how much more training and skill you have. Sorry no size does matter
    in this case.

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  9. Ana it would be interesting to have Ronda Rousey on The Young Turks to give
    her opinion on this story or Ana Julaton. To think that these bodyguards
    are similar to call girls is quite male chauvinistic. Main purpose of
    having discrete security is to have them blend into your entourage or

    Besides it is up to the bodyguards discretion whether he or she want to
    become romantically involved with their client. Obviously it would be
    unprofessional and ethical, but beware of their boundaries especially when
    the are trained to do bodily harm.

    By the way Bruce Lee started out as a wushu practitioner and eventually
    studied other forms of fighting to create Jeet Kun Do, but the base of his
    style was wushu.

    Eastern Martial Artist has a long history of female practitioners, but
    stories of male practitioners are more documented and celebrated.

    Likewise in western society how many deaths are attributed to female police
    officers in contrast to male police officers?

    Although there is the rational that boy are taught at a young age to not
    hit girls! That being said it would be dishonorable to strike a woman, but
    even more dishonorable to be dispatched by an assuming well trained young
    woman wearing a cocktail dress and stiletto heels!

    Lastly there are two key elements to subduing someone physically stronger
    and taller. First being pressure points on the human body. Striking or
    pinching certain nerves is effective especially if the opponent is over
    confident. The other element being able to use the opponents momentum to
    create leverage against them. By forcing the opponent to exert more energy
    and redirecting upon them. Thus making the opponent hurt themselves instead
    of hurting you.

    For TYT Interview it would be great to see Ronda Rousey in studio before
    her next fight in the octagon. Ana you still have Joe Rogan’s number, maybe
    he can help you get in touch with her people!

  10. Cenk, look up Wushu. It will blow your mind, then you will realize, they
    are far more dangerous than you think. Your strength and size means
    nothing. Point of fact, your confidence will be used against you. I think
    he should spar a woman who knows wushu. It would be awesome.

  11. I hope you guys know that wushu means : martial art. …the word that you
    should use instead of kung fu. hmmm but if a Chinese woman reached kung fu
    (“referring to any study, learning, or practice that requires patience,
    energy, and time to complete, often used in the West to refer to Chinese
    martial arts. [1] It is only in the late twentieth century, that this term
    was used in relation to Chinese Martial Arts by the Chinese community”) in
    let’s say Wing Chun I would bet for the girl over Cenk ;)

  12. Lol look up (ass kicked by girl) shows a 2 times light heavyweight female
    champion beating up Ryan Dunn from Jack Ass 

  13. There are many martial arts dedicated to taking down someone who is larger,
    or has more strength than you. There is also guns and tazers where you
    don’t need strength. Cenk thinks with his penis sometimes. If female body
    guards take off it can be because they are good, and they don’t cause a
    scene. Also, hello, there are plenty of good women police, and soldiers in
    the US.

  14. You guys are sexist idiots. So are you going to say that female cops are
    useless too? Are they there just so the captain can have sex sith them? You
    don’t have to be a guy to point a gun and shoot it.. You’ve just dishonored
    a whole group of women you know nothing about. If you can afford bodyguards
    you can afford all the escorts you can possibly want. You wouldn’t need to
    hire a bodyguard for that.

  15. Problem I see is they are mostly smaller than the male they supposed to
    protect so they can’t cover the body as much as a big muscular male
    bodyguard. And Wushu dont do shit in a real fight. But Chinese people are
    the worst in MMA and actual fighting so their attackers probably dont know
    much about real fighting as well.

  16. Ana’s restrained indignation at Cenk’s skepticism of female bodyguards is
    the product of her being so seduced by the feminist delusion that men and
    women are equal in every respect, when, in the physical realm, this is
    rarely the case. Sure there are a FEW women who are physically more
    powerful and aggressive than men, but they are the exception, not the rule.
    Furthermore, the women who can overpower males generally don’t look
    feminine. They have androgynous features. This is the internal dichotomy
    that feminists like Ana, who want to be seen as equal to men and still very
    feminine, have to face. In order to achieve male like physical performance,
    women either have to be inherently be more masculine looking, live a
    physical lifestyle that makes them more masculine looking, and/or they have
    to use drug enhancements to make them more masculine looking. With the
    extremely RARE exception of a MMA fighter like Gina Carano or Ronda Rousey,
    maintaining feminine curves while being able to achieve male like
    performance is not possible. So sorry Ana. You can’t keep up that pretty
    and petite 120 lbs physique and still kick ass. 

  17. LOL all you idiots arguing about body size and shit, you really think
    people try to assassinate/kidnap important people by wrestling and
    kickboxing each other ? Or you know use guns like actual dangerous people
    with brains, in this place called reality we exist in.

  18. It’s a cultural thing. It was very common for ancient Asian cultures.
    Courtesans were commonly used as spy’s and assassins in ancient Japan, i
    think this tactic was used in some wWestern cultures as well. My point is
    that Vice is stupid for picking up this story and preying on the stupid and
    TYT is acting infantile about it and making it about gender and unfunny
    sexual jokes, Ana, as always, did a tremendous job though. Badass assassin
    women didn’t start at Kill Bill idiot.

  19. Once again, I love ya Cenk. But honestly do you realize how sexist you’re
    being right now?? You talk so much about men and women being equal, yet
    basically the only reason you think ppl have female body guards is to fuck
    them?? What is wrong with you sometimes? Make and female has absolutely
    NOTHING to do with strength and speed and ferociousness, etc. for example,
    have you seen Kill Bill? There are some fucking SAVAGE women out there that
    have just as much training/effectiveness as their male peers. Frankly, your
    whole attitude in this video disgusts me. Grow up. And btw, yes I am one of
    TYT`s biggest daily viewers and supporters… but sometimes I see you
    taking two steps back and it’s really not alright to speak like you just
    did. That’s all. Ana, I completely agree with you, except the sex thing.
    Not all men are horny assholes!!! 

  20. Female bodyguard is an oxymoron.

    Same as female cop, police officer, soldier, athlete, etc. If anything they
    do administrative duties better, but as soon as you have the choice between
    a man and a woman with the requirement being physical excellence and/or
    combat, you’re better off not choosing the genetically less muscular and
    strong person.

  21. Ya let’s not get too excited here, television and the movies try to make
    women look so tough I have to laugh. I’m with Cenk, give them one back
    hander and they’ll go flying ass over tea kettle. Women body guards look
    sexy so it’s just chic to have one.

  22. Differences between men and women:
    – 40% more upper-body strength
    – 25% more lower-body strength
    – 30% greater lung volume (per body mass)
    – 10% more red blood cells
    – More muscle mass and greater muscle gain potential
    – Faster healing from wounds
    – Higher pain tolerance
    – Lower minimum body fat

    Other differences:
    – The mean IQ for men and women is the same however men have greater range
    of IQ distributions (Put simply: there are more smart men than smart women
    and more dumb men than dumb women).

    Other info:
    – To date, no woman has met the physical requirements necessary to become a
    navy seal.

  23. I’m sure Cenk could beat those Chinese ladies at pretty much anything, that
    involved eating pies, eating burgers, eating lard or, hell I’ll be
    generous, eating anything.
    I also suspect that the majority of them are ex military, armed and pretty
    capable shots.
    Also Cenk, just because you think all your exposed areas are highly padded,
    I bet they’d find a few very small soft spots.

  24. The rationale for having female bodyguards seems pretty legitimate to me.
    It makes sense that one would want bodyguards who aren’t obviously
    bodyguards. Not saying that there isn’t a sexual element to this – I can
    definitely see how this could be some rich dude’s fantasy – but I really
    doubt that’s all there is to it.

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