Meet the Cabinet: Administrator McMahon


  1. trump's shit cabinet is filled with lobbyists, wall street billionaires, etc. the very definition of the DC swamp. you dumbass trump supporters are rubes.

  2. Don't ya think someone should arrest Antifa and BLM? I mean they are funded by Soros to create a civil war. So a group of people, all dressed alike, like a militia or military Ninja's, run around trying to overthrow the gov (CIA of coarse involved-it's what they do!) and FBI, ATF, or local police do nothing? Is this so obvious everyone that could laugh it were not such a devious plot? Arrest the US NWO & Illuminati & whoever else goes with this group! Come on!

  3. I would like to know substance about the job, the qualifications of people in the cabinet and the plans and projects they are working on and until when those are finished.
    I am not really interested about vague "funny" talks about fish-mongering to jazzmusic that makes it seem like a 1920ties comedy. Am I the only one that thinks that way?

  4. Good for the SBA. Administrator McMahon, Super lady. Sounds like the right person to help get America back on track. Making America great again.

  5. Good stuff Prez- JUST DON'T GIVE INTO THE SATANISTS (the dems/liberals/socialists….), "NOT EVEN 1 MICROSCOPIC BIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (for doing so WOULD BE LIKE CHRIST GIVING INTO THE SAN HEDRIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  God bless.

  6. I want to sell pigs blood to trump supporters can I get a SBA loan?

    BTW Spit or swallow?, America wants to know.

  7. All the sock puppets and butt hurt liberals can't change the fact shillary clinton couldn't fill any stadium during rallies. Same as all the new fake polling saying Trump is unpopular wait til the next elections and see the difference stopping voter fraud makes.

  8. Thank you, President Trump, for saying pleasant things about my ancestors' statues. I am from Richmond and proud of my relatives. The War Between the States (real name) was not about race and there was not a word, "racist". It hurts to see my people dishonored and the art torn down like barbarians in the desert do theirs. I am sorry and sad to see an unworthy woman like Nancy Pelosi spouting like a n animal who knows nothing, no history. Thank you for making us feel better

  9. Welcome, Administrator McMahon. The small business community needs your expertise. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Blessings to you…

  10. American Patriots, Please Consider Helping an American Veteran! gofundme is active, just type in the main website forward slash AmericanVeteranFund. Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

  11. Put God first! Within the laws of motion we are found. Incorporated into its movement. Don't believe me??? Close your noise and hold your breath! Heart and blood stop pulsing. Put God first!

    For you folk that don't understand speaking in tongues.

    Let us go down and change the magnetic frequency communications they speak.

    Now speak with vibration of vocals and tongue. We all speak it every day. Speaking with tongues!!!

    Respect the earth. And its creator, your life is depending on it.

  12. Out of his 10 big promises, he only got 1 to congress. A congress he theoretically controls. And even that one failed. What a pathetic loser. I wonder when the remaining administration will realize serving under this gigantic bullshitter will forever be their darkest legacy. I'd jump off this train while I can. Even Bannon just did.

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