McDonald’s Experiments with Bubble Gum Flavored Broccoli ft. David So

1 – McDonald’s News – 2 – Beard News – .


  1. Julia Cow needs to give David some space… she is taking over the whole
    space. Seriously needs to learn some manners with her blueberry muffin
    lookin self.

  2. I see what Geo is saying. That shit sounds disgusting and it doesnt make
    sense. Why don’t they just make the broccoli taste like doritoes or
    something or a hamburger. Why something sweet?

  3. The reason why beards and glasses are trending is because of how
    proportional it makes your face look, just like how some people look hotter
    in bangs than without it.

  4. JKFilms is always fighting on the moral and just side of arguments.

    But when it comes to McDonald’s news……..AYE …..all morals are thrown
    out and McDonald’s always comes on top. LMAO I love that shit.

  5. So all of JK News minus Geo loves pink slime in your Big Macs and
    Mcnuggets, and you all give Geo shit for having smarts and not putting
    shitty food in her body, WTF JK News.

  6. seriously you guys. you guys are the one that sounds stupid. i totally
    understood Geo. How ironic, the fool, turned into u haha

  7. I dont know what you guys are talking about. Broccoli tastes fine. Smells
    like fart? wtf? Where does Geo get her broccoli? 

  8. I think they gang up on Geo too much over the stupidest things :/ Like they
    make fun on everyone else but Geo gets most of the teasing. I watched every
    single video every day and they’re my favorite channel but sometimes it’s
    hard to watch when Geo is picked on more than anyone else. I know how it
    feels so I feel bad for her

  9. Children will eventually learn the difference between the broccoli so who
    cares if they’re confused plus you can just teach them like you teach them
    the difference between a lime and a lemmon

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